Hola Gujariyas!

I am not sure if a “Sanskaari Bahu” greets this way! πŸ˜‰ Anyways, I don’t want to buy that tag for myself, at least. Every Indian mom, looking for a bride for her son, wants a lady Alok Nath as daughter-in-law. πŸ˜› So, what is this bahu all about and why is she so much in demand?

#1 A Sanskaari Bahu should always be dolled up in a saree or suit with pallu over the head!


Because, its against Sanskaars to flaunt her beautiful mane in front of others!

#2 A Sanskaari Bahu must cook and serve food to everyone.

cook and serve

She must cook delicious food without getting a word of appreciation. Failing to do so, she may be subjected to maa-ne-kuch-ni-sikhaya-(didn’t your mother teach anything?) torture!Β 

#3 A Sankaari Bahu should do the daily chores without complaining!


Sweeping, mopping, dusting and washing cannot wait but her health can. So what if she is unwell? Sanskaars will give her the strength.

#4 A Sanskaari Bahu wakes up early and touches everyone’s feet.

wake up early

It should never bother her if everyone wished her back! Because they have that sar-par-chad-jyegi (she’ll exult if we smile) attitudeΒ !

#5 A Sanskaari Bahu never talks back before her in-laws and husband!


She has to fry her opinions and ideas and gulp it before anyone catches her speaking sense!

Are you “Sanskaari” enough? πŸ˜‰

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