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OGujariya was invited for the #VLCCStyleStatements event in Kochi last week. It was an interesting session organized by VLCC for bloggers and social media influencers. I was so glad to be a part of this exciting event and I am here to share my experience with you all.

The VLCC team gave us a warm welcome followed by refreshment. After a while, everyone gathered to listen to Ms. Sushmita Verma who is the category manager of VLCC. She spoke about how VLCC is just not a beauty brand but also a wellness brand that helps people in living a healthy life rather than mere weight loss. Along with this, we were informed about the various products and therapies offered by VLCC across the country.

Many of us raised questions about beauty, makeup, skincare, haircare, etc which was answered by VLCC experts. It was really an enlightening session for all of us who attended the event. Here are some interesting questions asked by other influencers, which I always wanted answers for.

Question 1: Is there anything new for treating stretch marks?

The expert answered that there are many treatments available for removing stretch marks. CTS- Coconut Oil Tightening and Sculpting is one of the best treatments that is done once a week or 10 days for effective results. For lighter stretch marks, the expert suggested Oil therapy where targeted area is massaged with anti-stretch marks oil.

Question 2: Are there any chemicals used in cosmetics that we should be aware of?

The expert answered that it is better to choose cosmetics that are mineral or silicon based since it would provide nourishment to the skin.

There were many similar questions related to skin and hair. Some even asked queries which they specifically wanted to know for their skin and hair type. They were suggested relevant treatments and therapies offered by VLCC. That’s how the Q&A session came to an end!

We all wanted to try their services and so many bloggers went in to get a head massage, foot massage and so on. We all were given a beauty hamper and complimentary vouchers that can be redeemed from any of the VLCC Outlets across India.

Here is are the stuff I got in the hamper!


  1. VLCC Shape Up Slimming Oil

  2. VLCC Slimmer’s Herbal Infusion With Green Tea

  3. VLCC Sliver Facial Kit

I was so happy to receive the hamper and the vouchers and I am sure to try them out soon.

To know more about VLCC products and service, you can visit their website,  www.vlccwellness.com/India/

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