“What you eat in private is what you wear in public”

It’s saddening to know that India is the third most obese country in the world. All junk food and no workout have made every 3 in 4 Indians overweight or obese. Serious health issues like heart diseases, high cholesterol, arthritis, respiratory problems, diabetes, hormonal disorders are common in people who are overweight. It is important to keep a close watch on what we eat and the amount of physical activity we do to burn the calories. Any mismatch in the proportion of food and exercise adversely affects the health.

What is Obesity?

When BMI (Body Mass Index) of a person exceeds the expected value, he or she is called obese or overweight. This is a parameter that defines the standard body weight for a person considering the factors like age and height. Anyone who is 20% more than the standard body weight falls under the overweight category. A value below 18.5 kg/m² is considered to be underweight while anything above 24.9 kg/m² is considered to be overweight.

How to Control Obesity?

One of the biggest reasons that we are not as fit as our ancestors were because of our unhealthy food choices and sparse physical activity. Even the slightest loss of weight can impact obesity greatly. It can be controlled by making minor changes in our lifestyle and eating habits. Below given are some of the important points to be considered to shred those extra pounds from the body and maintain an ideal body weight.

  • Reduce water retention
  • Improve lymphatic drainage
  • Improve metabolism
  • Flush out the toxins
  • Improve flexibility
  • Weight loss without nutrition loss


About – VLCC Elixir Therapy

VLCC Elixir therapy employs a combination of ancient practices and modern science that rejuvenates the body and aids in self-healing.

The following are the various physical and psychological benefits that VLCC Elixir Therapy claims to deliver.

  • Full body detox using detox powder mix and detox oils
  • Acupuncture to balance the Yin and Yang
  • Opening blocked energy channels
  • Lymphatic drainage therapy
  • Technology for faster healing and weight loss

How VLCC Elixir Therapy Works?

VLCC Elixir Therapy works in five stages given below.

1. Meso Press

2. Invigorate

3. Core- MS

4. Therm – FT

5. Elemental Healing

How Effective is the VLCC Elixir Therapy?

The VLCC Elixir Therapy works on the problem areas of the body and helps in achieving a firmer and youthful body. It reduces the water retention and breaks the weight loss plateau. It uses ancient techniques along for the treatment to promote weight loss and to maintain the ideal body weight. An average of 400 to 600 gms of weight loss and 10 to 12 cms of Cm loss from the whole body. The home care kit includes healthy food options like Slimmer’s Tea, Roasted snacks made of sprouts or soybeans, Isabgol and Stevia (a natural sweetener).

VLCC Elixir Therapy is highly recommended for everyone who wishes to look fit and younger at any stage of life. For more details, you can refer here!