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While in a supermarket, I used to give the kids’ section, a pass for obvious reasons. Inside my head, I am saying, “Skip it now and come back later!” 😉  😛 But there are so many things on the counter that can be very useful for adults too! Baby oil is generally mineral oil enriched with other essential oils and fragrance. Mineral oil is non-greasy and it doesn’t clog pores.

Benefits of Baby Oil in Our Daily Skincare Routine

Lets learn how to use baby oil to get the perfect skin !

Makeup Cleanser

Baby Oil can be used to remove every bit of makeup from our skin. All we need to do is, massage a few drops of baby oil on the face and remove it with a cotton pad. Ditch those expensive and full of chemicals makeup removers for this cutie! 😉

Shiny Nails

No time for a manicure? No worries, just dab a cotton with baby oil and rub it on your nails after every bath. It does the job pretty well and saves on your parlor bills 🙂

Tame the Mane

Dry and frizzy-hair beauties, this is something for you! After every hair wash, take a few drops of baby oil and run your fingers through the entire length. You will see how well your unmanageable mane obeys, finally 🙂

Go for an Oil Cleanse

Oil cleansing with baby oil, gives your skin, a nice and healthy glow. Just massage baby oil all over your face and neck, for a good 5 minutes. Then clear it with a warm face towel or cotton pad. There is nothing that can stop you from touching your skin again and again then!

Soften Feet

Wearing tight footwear or heels for a long time can severely damage our feet. Massaging a few drops of baby oil and wearing socks before the bed can save our feet from cracked heels, dryness, cuticle damages and a lot more…!

Post-wax Lotion

Baby oil can also be used to remove stickiness after waxing. It also moisturizes the skin well and prevents redness that occurs post-waxing.

Healthy Knuckles, Knees and Elbows

Dark knuckles, elbows and knees are something that almost everyone is concerned about but never give attention to it. Generously apply baby oil on these areas to remove dryness, darkness and flakiness.

Tame your Brows

Simply dab a little baby oil in the eyebrow brush and comb your eyebrows for the perfectly set eyebrows. It makes the hair strands healthy and shiny, which adds to a well-groomed look.

Good-Bye Dark Circles

Just in case, you run out of an under-eye cream, remember this baby! It has a dose of Vitamin E, which helps to reduce the dark-circles and serves as an under-eye care product.

Carry the Glow at the Party

Add 2-3 drops of baby oil to the foundation and blend it well in the skin. You’ll glow with a dainty sheen and make heads turn for sure 😉

These are only few of the many uses of baby oil. Endless are its benefits and its totally cost-effective. So, tell me how do you use baby oil in your daily routine? 🙂