Top 5 Things You’ll Notice In Every Punjabi Song

O Sohniyo!

Feeling happy? Feeling sad?  Feeling low? Had a breakup? Lazy to create a workout playlist? Not sure what to listen?

Listen to a Punjabi Track and switch off your brain for a while 😉 Punjabi songs are like instant energy boosters, you listen to it and the next moment you are like  photo Balle-Balle.gif

From all the Punjabi videos I’ve watched, there are few things in common that brings out the essence of it. I’ve tried to make a list of the essential elements of a Punjabi song. You’ll relate to it if you are a Punjabi or love it if you listen to one 😉

1. Bullet/Gaddi – More Expensive, The Better!

Punajbi gaddi

Punjabis have a flare for automobiles. They are the proud owners of Brands like Ferrari, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Harley Davidson, etc at least in their albums. You’ll find atleast one filthy rich character in the song who owns them. If nothing else works, they’ll paint a Bajaj Scooter and make it look classy or make a jeep look like a beast!

Songs are like Jaguar lelo, Chitti Lancer, Bullet Vs Chamakchallo, Gaddi Thalle and even Without Gaddi 😛

2. The Tractor – Punjabiyan Di shaan!


Guy trying to impress a girl by driving a tractor or taking her for a ride through the fields. Punjabis have an untold connection with a tractor! It just has to be there, at least in the backdrop, but its esteemed presence is enough to ‘Punjabi‘fy the whole song!

3. Field – Sarson da Khet


A poor guy loves a rich girl.

He has nothing but a khet.

They dance in the khet.

Teaches him Angreji and takes him to CCD.

The guy thinks they are in love.

The girl flies to Amerika!

So now you know the importance of Khet! 🙂

4. The Jat – Taking All The Credit!


Even if can’t understand a single word in a Punjabi song, you’ll get the word “Jat“.Because, they not only want reservations in the country, but also in the music world!

Jat on Ford, Jat Fair Karda, Jat Jugadi and on & on & on & on & on & on Jat! Phewww!

5. Social Media – Selfiyan te Facebuk!


Punjabi songs these days are all about Facebook, Instagram and Selfies.

The boy wants a selfie with the popular girl in the college so that he can put it on Facebook.

He tries to impress the girl.

Girl friend-zones him and agrees for a selfie.

The boy thinks she loves him.

The girl flies to Amerika! 

Though there is much more to add to the list, the above five covers them all. I hope you had fun reading it! 🙂




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