Children are the epitome of happiness, innocence, and goodness of heart. They make our lives so colorful with their quirks and idiosyncrasies. Children’s Day is a day dedicated to these little wonders. Every kid loves being pampered and we can make this special day even more special by spending some quality time with them.

I believe that children empowerment is the need of the hour. We must speak to them as if they are the kindest, wisest, most beautiful and magical human beings. Because what we make them believe about themselves is what they become. Considering that in mind, I’ve come up with 10 fun ideas for Children’s Day.

Here are the top 10 things you can do to bring fun home this Children’s Day

1. Be Their Superhero


Every kid has his/her own favorite superhero. The costumes, tricks, and courageousness displayed by these fictional characters leave a lasting impression on young minds. It would be a great idea to dress up like one and play along with your kids. I bet this is going to be fun for both of you!

2. Get Dirty

Be it mud play after the rains or splashing colors on each other on Holi, children absolutely love getting dirty. Laundry detergent ads these days have convinced all parents to let the kids play without worrying about getting rid of the dirt. Scientific research has proved that playing in the mud can lift the mood. Wouldn’t it be a great idea to get down in the pool of mud with your kids and play along? All you need is soil, water and a small pool where you too can fit in. I am sure you’ll it as much as your kids.

3. Wall of Creativity

It’s adorable to watch kids scribbling on blank pages but its not-so-adorable to let them scribble on neatly painted walls. It would be a wise idea to limit the art to one wall rather than killing the creativity in your kid by not letting them at all. You’ll be amused to see what those little fingers are capable of. Sounds like so much fun!

4. Gardening With Kids

The best thing you can teach your kids is the ‘gift of life’. The little wonders you’ve created will be delighted to know how a small seed blooms into a huge tree when it’s given proper care and nourishment. Get some planters and teach them how to sow and water the plants. It would be easier to start with some herbs as they germinate faster and your kids will be happy watching it grow. Later you can introduce them to intensive gardening techniques.

5. Role Play

Role play is an excellent way to know the hidden potential in your kids. Let them be whatever they want. For example, a doctor, vegetable seller, drummer or a magician. Give them the props and be a part of the role play. You’ll be amazed to watch your little munchkin’s observational skills.

6. Little Chef

Cooking can be fun with kids too. There are so many easy recipes available on the internet that your kids can cook. You can choose the easiest ones like salads and experiment more as they get comfortable. Appreciate your little chef and make them feel proud of themselves.

7. Capture Moments

If you have an Instax camera at home and a knack for DIYs, you can do amazing things with your kid. Click some lazy, happy, funny, adventurous moments with your little one. Ask him/her to clip it on a long string and fix the ends across your favorite wall. You can also teach him to make creative photo frames using scrap and flaunt it in a cozy corner of your home.

8. Indoor Camping

Camping is so much fun with kids. They learn a lot of new skills and enjoy being close to mother nature. You can give your kids a memorable camping experience indoors too. All you need is a double bedsheet and an emergency lamp to give the feel of a night camp. Set up a comfy mattress and a pillow inside for the kids and serve them snacks. This is going to be one of their favorite activities forever.

9. Arrange a Potluck Party

It’s Children’s Day and kids would love to celebrate it along with other kids. A potluck party would be a great idea if you can host it inviting all his/her friends to your place. It would be such a great experience for you as well as the kids.

10. Express With Handmade Cards

Make a card for your kids and tell them how much you love them. Place it on their bedside so that they can wake up to it on Children’s Day. No matter how trivial it may sound, but kids need reassurance and by such small sweet gestures we are only nurturing love in them so that they grow up to be wonderful human beings. Be ready to get surprised by a cute little return greetings from your little one. That’s the beauty of a kid’s heart!

Do not forget to treat your kids with chocolates. Because it’s Children’s Day and every kid deserves a chocolaty treat!

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Liked my ideas for Children’s Day? Would love to hear how you are going to bring fun home this Children’s Day.

Be a kid again 🙂 Happy Children’s Day!