How much work is too much work for a stay-at-home mom with a toddler and with little to no help from the other members of the family? I’d say, it’s a when-I-open-my-eyes to when-I-close-my-eyes kind of work! I no more get the TGIF or Sunday-Funday vibes. Thanks to Ariel India’s Son-day contests. The past few Sundays have been so much fun that I anxiously waited for it during weekdays. The final task for the Son-day contest was the Folding Game.

Let me take you through the memories I made the last Sunday (Son-day).

Everybody has that one chair in the house which is ladden with clothes waiting to be folded. Mine was screaming for attention too. The Folding game aligned perfectly with the Sunday I decided to fold them.

Since these challenges are for teaching our sons to share the load, I put my little taskmaster to work. Even if he cannot do it himself at his age, I wanted to have some fun with my boy while I folded the clothes.

Rewarded with his favorite cartoon for helping mommy!

I set a timer for 30 seconds and started folding the clothes. And, the count was 6! Yayyyyy 🙂 Mr.A wanted to try folding too and so I gave him his towel to fold and I must say, he is a fast learner!

The main motive of Ariel India’s Son-day tasks is to teach sons that it’s normal to do the dishes when mom is not well. It’s okay to take turns to do the laundry. It’s not a ‘woman’s job’ to set your wardrobe or fold your clothes. The stereotyping about what a woman’s job is and what a man should never be doing has to end!

Hypocrisy At Its Peak!

Have you ever thought, why daughters are always expected to learn to do these chores but the sons aren’t even considered? The same woman who wants the husband to help her with the chores gets upset when her daughter-in-law expects her husband to help her in the kitchen or laundry. It’s disheartening to see how daughters are ‘trained’ to look after men who have never been taught even to wash their undergarments. Women are not rehabilitation centres for men who are not raised properly. If we now do not teach our sons how to ‘share the load’, they’ll probably never know how to respect women in true sense!

I pledge to #ShareTheLoad in household chores in association with Ariel and BlogAdda

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