Hello Gujariyas!

I am here with a review on The Balm Stainiac Lip and Cheek Stain. Read on to know if this is worth a buy or not!

The Product: The Balm-Stainiac-Lip and Cheek Stain


What Does it Claim?

Stainiac is an extremely versatile, extremely wearable color for lips and cheeks. These colors can be worn alone or over another color for brilliant color variations. A small amount of this water-based color provides a subtle hint of color. By applying more, the color becomes more intense, giving you more dramatic and noticeable cheeks and lips. Blushing Pink is a reddish pink shade.

How Much and Where to Buy?

1099INR when you buy it => HERE!

It is available in most of the online stores abroad which ships to India. You can also check Insta stores but beware of dupes!

My Take on The Product

I love “The Balm” range for their classy packaging and few amazing products it has in its basket. I had two of these lip and cheek stains from the brand lying in my makeup stash until I digged it out to try on for the review. I heard many of my friends saying that its not worth the money. But I thought of giving it a try before passing a verdict on how worthy or useless the product is. It comes in a transparent plastic pack with sponge applicator. I was careful with this while opening because I thought it is highly stained and might end up spoiling my clothes. But to my surprise it was a jelly like balm which had a bright pinkish red shade. I didn’t want to try it on my lips or cheeks directly and so I tried it on my hands. Here is what it looked like,


And when I wiped it off after few seconds, the stain looked like this,



Hmmmm…:) Pretty pink, isn’t it? 😀 But somehow I didn’t like it on my lips because it did not cover my dark upper lips. The stain stayed for a long time and I was able to remove it only using a good makeup remover. I cannot dare to use it on my cheeks because I exactly know how would I look like 😉 😛 How can I forget my disaster makeup story afterall! 🙁 🙁 On the whole, this lip and cheek stain will suit fair to medium skin tones and pink lips. But I feel there is no need to spend so much for this when it has zero moisturizing effects on the lips.

Summing up,


♥ Pretty pink shade

♥ Stains quickly

♥ Stain lasts long

♥ Cooling effect on application

♥ Easy to use sponge applicator


🙁 Too pricey

🙁 Not available easily in India

🙁 Not sure how to use it on cheeks because the stain is a bit too much for a blush

🙁 Gives sheer finish on lips so it will not cover pigmentation

🙁 No moisturizing effects at all

🙁 The product tends to solidify and gives a patchy effect on application

🙁 Why the jelly like texture??? Errrrr >_<

Will I Recommend This to Others?

N-O NO! I would request you not to waste money buying this and trying this. To me Stainiac from “The Balm” has failed to impress and I would happily give it a miss! Its okay to buy lip stains and blushes as separate products! Why buy this then???