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The only thing I like about skincare during Summers is the trying out new face packs. My skin tends to get so oily and sweaty that I often feel the urge to cleanse it. Face masks refreshes the skin and gives a oil-free feel in no time. Not only that, but also it keeps the skin fresher looking for at least couple of days. During this season, there are high chances that oily skin gets itchy and prone to acne. Suganda Neem Green Tea Plant Mask claims to make the skin problem-free and glowing. Read on to know if this holds true?

Suganda Mask

What Does It Claim?

Suganda Neem Green Tea Plant Mask, a mask for oily and acne prone skin,to control oiliness, breakouts and to give anti oxidant and healing benefits to the skin. Also helps with Sun damage. A fantastic anti-aging Mask for oily skin, suited for sensitive skin.

 Ingredient ListSuganda


How Much Does It Cost?

900INR for 60gm

Where to Buy?

You can directly buy it from Suganda’s website !

My Take On The Product

I got Suganda Neem Green Tea Plant Mask in my March Fabbag and since then it has been in my favorite list of face packs. I get acne frequently, most of which is concentrated on the chin area and near the nose. Whenever I feel an acne bump, I immediately apply face packs to suppress it as early as possible. Neem is an excellent anti-bacterial agent that gives a clear skin and fights pimples and other impurities out of the skin. The face pack comes in a tub pack with spill-proof screw lid. Its a green coarse powdered pack which can be easily made into paste before application. The smell is a downturn because I find it too organic. Sorry to say, but this one literally smells like dal chawal :/ Now imagine how disgusting would that feeling be! Anyways, the smell only lasts until it dries off completely, so I bear with it for few mins. 



Suganda Neem Greent Tea Plant Mask

After removing this pack, the skin feels refreshed and clear. This controls the sebum and prevents acne to a large extent. It gives a clear and glowing complexion post-usage. Hence I can bank upon this while my skin troubles me with unexpected breakouts every now and then.

Summing up for you,


  • Gives a clear skin
  • Controls oiliness
  • Prevents breakouts
  • Easy to use
  • All organic ingredients
  • Safe and natural
  • Made in India


  • The smell is too raw for me to bear. I have to hold my breathe until it dries up and the smell goes off! 🙁
  • Price is on the higher side, since there are other acne and blemish controlling packs for a better price available in the market.
  • I felt there must have been a plastic lid fitted to the tub so that the product doesn’t spill once the screw lid is opened. The lid could have served the purpose of holding the pack while application too!
  • Finding it on your favorite shopping site or store could be a rare chance. It is available only on selected websites.

Suganda Neem Green Tea Plant Mask could be on your trial list for being true to its claims, but for such a price, one can give it a miss!

Stay Gorgeous!