Hey Gujariyas!

Women are blamed to be “Drama Queens” all the time, but men should just understand that its their hormones that’s playing with their moods. For moment we are excited about what are we going to wear for the upcoming vacation in Bali and the next moment we are crying over a ceiling fan ad! The time 1-2 weeks before the onset of periods is called PMS. That’s when our hormones starts overreacting and people blame us! Not fair, isn’t it?

Anyways, Soulflower has taken this so personally and has come up with a roll on which claims to relieve the symptoms of PMS. Lets checkout how far it stands true to its claims.

soulflower pms relief roll on

What Is It Made Of?

soulflower ingredients

What Does The Product Claim?

Soulflower Aromatherapy PMS Relief Roll On helps reduce anxiety and promote inner calm.

  • This pms relief roll on contains essential oils like grapefruit, geranium, clary sage and lavender
  • It helps to get relief from anxiety and promote calmness
  • It uplifts and refreshes your moood when you are feeling listless or are experiencing emotional swings with a bout of fatigue
  • It helps to relieve menstrual cramps and give an energy boost

How Much Does It Cost?

150INR for 8ml

Best Buy From?

Get it at Purplle at 15% discount for 127INR 🙂

My Experience With The Roll On

This roll-on is always there is my purse no matter wherever I go. I mostly use it during travel, long flights and when feeling low and disinterested in what’s going around. This roll on glides smoothly on the skin. Rubbing it behind the ears and on the wrists helps a lot by giving an instant mood lift. I sometimes apply it to my pillow cover for a nice and relaxing nap. The smell is not overpowering so it will definitely suit everyone. The presence of natural oils that are good for skin too, keeps me away from worrying about the possible burns it might cause. One little roll-on goes a long way, I can say that because I’ve been using it for over an year now.

Okay, PMSing girls, just read these pros and cons and save your energy 😉


  • Relaxing aroma
  • Instant mood-lift
  • Easy to glide on
  • Goodness of natural ingredients
  • Enough quantity for the price
  • Leak-proof packaging makes it travel-friendly
  • Easily available


  • One cannot blindly trust on this PMS relief roll-on because, hormonal highs are seldom tamed so easily 😉

Try it on, ladies! Cheer up and be a Drama Queen ! 😉