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We all love fragrances! Some like to keep it light while some find solace in spreading the fragrance wherever they go. There are many fragrance notes which not necessarily liked by everyone. For instance, I prefer floral and woody fragrances over fruity ones. I love experimenting with essential oils for various health concerns. Soulflower has an amazing range of roll-on that addresses various concerns. I was impressed with the Soulflower Aromatherapy PMS Relief Roll On which I’ve already reviewed here. So I went ahead and got one more roll on for myself – Soulflower Aromatherapy Feel Sexy Roll on. This post is going to be the detailed review on this roll-on which will help you decide whether to git it a hit or a miss.

The Product – Soulflower Aromatherapy Feel Sexy Roll On


How Much and Where to Buy?

⇒ 150INR for 8ml

⇒ Buy it at a deal price HERE and HERE

What Does It Claim?


What Went Inside This?


My Take on the Product



Soulflower products have never failed to impress. They have a unique range of products that actually works. Their essential oils range is an absolute hit. This made me trust that the unique blend of oils in this roll-on must be a mood-lifter. I would like to clarify that ‘feel-sexy’ on the label doesn’t imply that it is used to turn kinky in a satin nighty with your mate. A woman feels utmost sexy when she feels utmost confident. For me, a stroke of kohl and the right fragrance are the two biggest confidence boosters. This roll-on has an interesting blend of essential oils that instantly relaxes the body. It has a very therapeutic fragrance with the goodness of vitamin A, B, C and E in it. It doesn’t burn the skin as the base oils used are jojoba and olive oil, which are very good for the skin. The packaging is excellent and it’s a total value for money as this little bottle will last for a really long time. I wear it on my wrist, behind the ears, collar bones and on the temples. I wear it almost any time of the day, whenever I feel the need to relax a bit. Overall, it’s a lovely product from the house of Soulflower that is sure make you feel sexy inside out! 🙂


♥ Glass bottle packaging

♥ Spill-proof and travel-friendly roll on

♥ Mood enhancing fragrance

♥ Goodness of essential oils

♥ Loaded with vitamins that are good for the skin

♥ Does not irritate the skin

♥ Calming effects on the brain

♥ Uplifts the confidence level

♥ Can be used anytime and anywhere

♥ Totally affordable

♥ Value for money


🙁 I did not like the claims => “enhances sensuality”, “releases inhibitions” and “ignites passion”. It does nothing of that sort!

🙁 Men may not like the fragrance as much as women

Will I Recommend This to You?

Ladies, treat your nervous system with this fantastically formulated blend of essential oils in a bottle. If your man likes it, good for you 😉

Smell Good! Stay Confident!

♥ Love you all ♥