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This is the third Sunday of Ariel India’s #ShareTheLoad campaign and it’s getting even more exciting. No matter how young my boy is to help mommy in these tasks, the learning and the fun is immense! I am happy that I am able to imbibe good values in my son that will only make him a better individual. This week it’s going to be Utensils Cleaning. Read on to know how my little one loved doing this task!

We are currently at his great-grandparent’s place which is a small and scenic village in Himachal Pradesh. This place doesn’t have a sink (Oh my horror! :/) But in a few days of staying here, I learned how to do the dishes without wasting water like the urban Indians like us do not understand. I am so happy that I got a chance to stay here actually learn how to respect what mother nature has given us.

So, I collected all the utensils after breakfast and brought it to the washing area. After washing every utensil, I gave it to my son to keep it in the dish drainer basket. He had so much fun helping mommy and the moments we made were immemorable! 

There is more to what I learned from this task than it seemed to be. I or for that matter none of us bother about the amount of water we waste while doing the dishes that could be saved and used for other purposes. Here are the few tips I’d like to share from my experience,

  • Fill your dish rack with only that number of utensils that shall be used by your entire family during one meal. Pack the rest of it and take only when needed. This way you’ll have fewer dishes to do.
  • Reuse the utensils used for cooking. For example, if you’ve used a cooker to cook curry, reuse it right after cooking the curry and emptying it in a serving bowl. You can use it right then to make rice or dal.
  • Dissolve the soap in hot water and scrub the greasy utensils. This will get rid of the grease easily without wasting water.
  • Washing the utensils with warm water also makes it quickly clean using very little water rather than washing it under the running tap.
  • Teach your children not to use a new glass every time they drink water. They can fill in their bottles and sip it from there or reserve a favorite cup for themselves to drink from.
  • Be careful while using steel-wool because there might be bits of it stuck in your utensils and might prove to be potentially dangerous if it gets in the body while drinking or eating.

So, that’s everything I wanted to share with you all. Teach your sons to #ShareTheLoad and make this world a better place to live!

I pledge to #ShareTheLoad in household chores in association with Ariel and BlogAdda

Happy SON-day 🙂