If the way to a man’s heart is food, then the way to a woman’s heart is to smell good. I love my fragrances strong and sultry. At the same time, I have an aversion to fruity and sweet fragrances. So, last year my hubby dearest decided to pick a perfume for me while coming back from his 6 months long sailing period. He very well knew my choice when it comes to fragrances and so he picked this perfume – Sexy Little Things Noir By Victoria’s Secret Fragrance.

Let’s read to know how right he was with his choice! 🙂

Victoria’s Secret Sexy Little Things Noir – Eau De Parfum

What Does The Label Say?

Launched by the design house of Victoria’s secret. This floral fruity fragrance has a blend of nectarine aromas, apple, citruses, pear, red berries, guanabana, bergamot, cattleya orchid, lily-of-the-valley, cyclamen, and Tonka bean notes.

My Take on Sexy Little Things Noir By Victoria’s Secret Fragrance

I have used a lot of products from Victoria’s Secret and obsessed with them, especially their body mists and body lotions are so good. I’ve already reviewed Victoria’s Secret Aqua Kiss Fragrance Lotion which you can read here. Like I already said, I am not into fruity notes at all. But the top note and the middle note of this perfume is fruity and floral respectively. To an extent, this smells good because of the citrus infusion. However, the first impression I had about this perfume was not so good for obvious reasons. I really loved the packaging of this classy perfume. This comes in a black bottle with a vintage style atomizer. But to my dismay, the puff never seemed to work after using it for one or two times. The rush of fruity-floral fragrance failed to please my olfactory senses. However, the fragrance is not too strong that I would ‘hate’ it.

Another major turn-off for people who really love fruity-floral notes is that it doesn’t last long. Most of us prefer perfumes that stay for a longer period. Sadly, this does nothing of that sort. Overall, I am as disappointed with the fragrance and staying power as I am impressed with the classy packaging. Let me sum up the pros and cons,

Let me sum up the pros and cons,


♥ Beautiful packaging

♥ Fruity-floral scent

♥ Not too overpowering

♥ Pump sprayer


🙁 The pump sprayer doesn’t work after a few times

🙁 Expensive ( 75 dollars is big bucks! )

🙁 Doesn’t stay long

🙁 Plums are not my fruit, so this is not my fragrance!

While reading reviews on this perfume, some like-minded perfume-hoarder disliked it so much that she wished to rename it as “Trump Women“! lol 😀 😛

Will I Recommend This to You?

Perfumes are not something you buy based on reviews. But it’s extremely important to understand which notes suit your personality and taste. If you love florals and fruity fragrances, no harm giving it a try. Since Sexy Little Things Noir by Victoria’s Secret is not so cheap, I’d suggest you try and buy.

NO, I didn’t pick up a fight with my hubby dearest for bringing me this perfume because at least he made a wise choice of marrying me! 😉