Morocco Oil

What Does It Claim?

Pamper your hair with Roots Professional Morocvita Argan Oil, extracted from the Argan seeds. It is non-sticky and gets instantly absorbed by hair. Excellent for styling and finishing it can also be used after every hair wash on damp hair. It helps tame frizzy and unmanageable hair and the added vitamins A & E help nourish every hair follicle at the core. It also offers protection from UV rays and pollution.

What Is The Product Made Of?

Morroco Vita oil

How Much Does It Cost?

900INR for 40ml and 2000INR for 120ml

Best Buy Price => 1500INR!!!

What Is My Verdict On The Product?

I’ve got a sample sized bottle which I tried almost 10 times. I have soft and thin hair which gets oily the next day of washing it. I’ve got an oily scalp and dry ends. So I used only few drops of this oil along the length. It helped me ease all the tangles post-wash. After the hair dried completely, I felt my hair looked shinier and really soft to touch. Its a clear liquid that smells like you’ve just entered a bakery 😉 Such an amazing fragrance it has! It is so light and non-sticky that it won’t make your hair look oily. Its totally safe to use it on scalp daily. Its seems like more of a serum than a hair oil.

oil review

Let me sum up for you here!


  • Light-weight and non-sticky
  • Great fragrance
  • Makes hair shinier
  • Hair feels softer instantly
  • Eases tangles post-wash
  • A small quantity is more than enough
  • Can be used daily
  • Doesn’t make the scalp oily
  • Sturdy packaging


  • I couldn’t relate its uses as a hair oil, but as a serum its good!
  • Oily scalp may tend to seem oilier if not washed off with a mild shampoo the next day
  • Bit Pricey!

I would love to buy the 40ml version of Roots Professional Morocvita Oil, but the bigger version seems to be a waste of money. There are many serums in the market that does the same job as this, but considering the fact that it contains organic Argan oil, it seems worth it! 🙂

Stay Gorgeous!