Hey there!

I am here to introduce Rateral.com, which is a question and answer community for shopping lovers.

Brief About Rateral.com

Rateral.com is a shopping niche question – answer site and its mission is to connect you with the genuine buyers who already have experienced the product or service you are planning to buy and need an honest opinion to take your final decision. Being consumer you have plethora of offerings by various manufacturers, it is not possible

Being consumer you have a plethora of offerings by various manufacturers, it is not possible to buy them all and test to continue with the best one. That’s why you need a place like Rateral so that you can connect with current consumers of that thing and know that how they feel about your next buy.

This is going to become 1st and best question-answer portal for online shopping lovers community around the world!

How Does It Work?

Alright, let me put it this way,

Rene loves shopping!


She also runs a startup and wants to expand her office space. She looks for CCTV cameras online.


Confused about which one would suit her budget, she comes to rateral.com and asks for help.


People who have experience or knowledge about the best buy CCTV cameras help her in deciding.


She analyses what experts have to say and finally decides on which one to go with! 🙂


It’s actually that simple! 🙂 You can also answer others’ queries on topics you are expert at. It is a wonderful way to promote your business and learn many new things.

You just have to follow some simple steps to join Rateral and post your questions or help people get the right product.

Step 1: Sign up or register on Rateral.com using Facebook or Google.

Step 2: Create your Rateral profile by filling in all the details.

Step 3: Follow people to build a strong network!

Step 4: Feel free to ask anything related to shopping. Also, answer queries related to your area of interest.

Things You Can Do At Rateral.com

Make friends

Inform about deals and coupons (if any) on various shopping sites

Promote your business

Place affiliate or blog links

Socialize with like-minded people

Grow your learning curve

Things You Cannot Do At Rateral.com

Usage of explicit or profane language

Misguide people with poorly researched answers

Bullying and picking up fights


Stalking Rateral members

I hope you’ve got a clear idea about what this platform is exactly meant for. Rateral is a fast growing network where the shopping enthusiasts meet. I am so glad to be a part of this and would love to connect with you all. You can follow me on Rateral by clicking here!

Ciao 🙂