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Blogging for about a year and a half, I’ve seen the best and worst of being a blogger. However, the happiness and content I get in the form of comments and criticism from my readers override all the bad experiences. I recently got an email from one of my followers, asking about this particular brand of shikakai. I was so overwhelmed that I promised her to review the product soon. And that’s how I was introduced to Pureonly! Now, after few days of trial, I am here with a detailed review on Pureonly Shikakai Powder. People suffering from hair fall, please read till the end!

When your metabolism is not functioning right, the system fails to fulfill all the nutritional requirements of the body. There are also many external factors such as dirt, pollution, poor hygiene, excess chemical usage and lack of moisture that leads to hair fall or hair damages. Apart from eating healthy protein-rich food, we must also keep the scalp clean. Shikakai has been used since ages by both men and women to wash their hair. Most of the women in the southern part of India have long, lustrous and pitch black hair. They owe it to traditional haircare methods such as oiling and washing the hair with shikakai. Here are some of the benefits of using shikakai instead of your regular shampoo.

What are the Benefits of Using Shikakai?

Here are some of the benefits of using shikakai instead of your regular shampoo.

Pureonly Shikakai Powder

What Does It Claim?

Shikakai Powder has been used traditionally for hair care in the Indian Subcontinent since ancient times. We mix Shikakai Powder with other dried plants and herbs. Even this Powder is still used by many Households. 

1) PureOnly Shikakai Powder be used for removal of scabies and dandruff as well as smoothening of body skin

2) It can help to reduce mental and physical stress

3) It can help you to eradicate excess of oil content on the skin

4) It has an ability to fight away FUNGI problems in Skins

What Went Into Making This?

Shikakai Powder, Fenugreek, Curcuma Aromatica, Neem Leaves, Boonthikottai, Vetiver, Soap Nuts, Curry leaves + 12 More Ingredients

Click here to know how Pureonly shikakai is made.

My Experience With The Product

Stress can be emotionally draining, but the how far it affects our health is often neglected. This May started with quite a depressing note for both of us. We are trying really hard to get back to the track since life has to go on! Like blogging and reading columns keeps my mind engaged, my husband became too busy preparing for his next sail. Due to all the haphazard, we never really had the time and patience to take care of ourselves. One morning when I got out of the bed and tried to tie my hair into a messy bun, I freaked out looking at the bunch of hair in my hand. Even he was complaining about hair fall since few days, but I ignored considering it to be a temporary one. So we decided to give Pureonly shikakai powder, a chance!

I took three heaped spoons of shikakai powder and mixed it with just enough water to make a paste. I oiled my hair and his hair with warm coconut oil and left it for an hour or so. Then we washed our head with the shikakai paste and totally skipped the shampoo. Here are the things I noticed after using it just once,

♥ Considerably less hair on my hand and on the bathroom floor

♥ My eyes felt relaxed and cooler

♥ No more itchy scalp due to sweat!

♥ Removed oil very effectively that I didn’t have to use shampoo to get rid of it

♥ Again, less hair fall while combing the hair after letting it dry by itself

♥ My hair felt voluminous and scalp felt cleaner

♥ There was a subtle shine in the hair

♥ My husband loved the cooling effects too!

♥ His hair fall has almost stopped as he uses it every other day

What else can I ask for? 🙂 I am so happy with the results and going to continue the once-a-week regimen.

Important Note: Shikakai powder cannot get rid of oil from your hair if you have oiled your hair heavily or used oils like mustard oil or castor oil. Please make sure you use light hair oils such as coconut oil or olive oil before washing it with shikakai. Also, this tends to dry up the hair a bit, so please apply a nourishing serum and drink plenty of water if you are using shikakai regularly. 

How Much Does It Cost and Where to Buy?

Pureonly Shikakai Powder costs 180 INR for a jar of 200 gms. You can get it from Qtrove or Paytm! You may also like to read about other awesome handmade skincare products I got from Qtrove last year, here!

Will I Recommend This to You?

I’d strongly recommend Pureonly Shikakai Powder to everyone who is suffering from hair fall and itchy scalp. Let’s go back to our roots with shikakai! 🙂

Take Care!