Hello Beauties!

A healthy lifestyle must also include a good skincare routine. We as Indians are obsessed with cosmetics that can make us a shade brighter. Its time we embrace our complexion, learn to appreciate beauty in every form. I am here with a review on O3+ White Day Cream, which claims to work. Before reading further, please know that I don’t wanna be white as snow and I totally love my “Brown Rang” 😉 I absolute adore dusky skinned beauties!

O3+ white day cream

Ingredient List

O3+ ingredients

Price: 773INR for 50ml

My Experience With the Product

O3+ cream

I got two 10ml samples of the product, which is enough to judge if this would work as per its claims or not. So the above picture says that its a white cream, but what the picture doesn’t say is that its super creamy. It spreads easily forming a greasy layer. Refer the picture below to get an idea of how greasy it could be!

post application

Oily skinned beauties might get frightened on the very sight of this super-luscious cream sitting right on your skin making you feel like an oil factory! 🙁 But, before such conclusions, I want you to know that this cream is absolutely safe and its very much nourishing. It never broke out despite being so greasy. My skin felt softer and a bit brighter after using this. I loved the soft and healthy glow post-application.

Let me sum it up for you!


  • Super nourishing cream
  • Moisturizes really well
  • Makes skin soft instantly
  • Brightens the skin to a certain extent
  • Doesn’t break out (May not be the case with other oily skinned people too!)
  • Evens out the skin tone and adds a healthy glow
  • Comes with SPF15, which is just perfect for face!
  • Fits the budget
  • Travel friendly packaging


  • May not suit all oily-skinned beauties as it might cause break outs. So it is advisable to test it before making it your regular day cream
  • No “Whitening” effect, though I was not expecting one!
  • Availability can be an issue. (Nevertheless you can buy it HERE !)
  • Be prepared to work a super-greasy day cream

I would recommend O3+ day cream to all dry-skinned and combination skinned-beauties, while oily skin can give it a miss!