O Gujariyas!

I just don’t seem to get enough of body scrub these days and so I am here with yet another review on a body scrub from Nyassa.

Nyassa body scrub

What Does it Claim?

A sweet way for a soft skin starts with Nyassa’s exotic body scrubs that exfoliates, polishes and moisturizes you skin. The Tiramisu body scrub with an extravagantly chocolatey smell is a must have body exfoliator, offering the right amount of scrubbing it needs. The real cocoa butter and raw brown sugar cane in the scrub makes your skin softer and smoother.


Raw Brown Cane Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, BHT, Vitamin E Acetate, Stearic Acid, Polysorbate 20 and Fragrance.

Price: 719INR for 215gm


Nyassa scrub swatch

How True Are The Claims?

The first thing that came to my mind when I smelled it was, “Can I eat it?” πŸ˜› I’ve used this body scrub few times and I only remember getting lost in the lovely coffee aroma. It looks like wheat flour halwa and smells like coffee!

Coming back to the topic! πŸ˜‰ I scooped a decent amount of product in hand and massaged onto wet skin. After massaging for a few seconds, the scrub dissolved and left me confused if it did the job of exfoliating or should I take some more? 😐 I didn’t feel it was enough of scrubbing for the day and so went on with more of this scrub. After washing it off, my skin felt smooth and supple. That’s how the scrub pleased a coffee lover πŸ˜‰


β™₯ Looks yummy and smells like coffee!

β™₯ Scrub granules aren’t too harsh on the skin

β™₯ Makes skin smooth

β™₯ Moisturizes the skin

β™₯ Shea butter and cocoa butter provides excellent nourishment to the skin

β™₯ Cute but sturdy packaging


βŠ—Β The scrub dissolves fast, even before we finish scrubbing

βŠ— Price might hurt a bit!

βŠ— Finishes fast, so the total utility value of the product reduces

I loved it, but for the vanishing scrub part! I would recommend its usage if you’ve got a sample pack, full sized packs doesn’t seem worth a buy!