Heya Gujariyas!

Hope you had an awesome New Year celebration! If not, hope you have a year full of celebrations 🙂 I had a great time with my family on New Year’s eve. We got a white forest cake to treat ourselves with our maid’s grandson (a 3 year old cutie) as the chief guest, who chose sleep over the cake just before the clock struck 12!  😛 😀 Anyways, the whole point is to find joy in little things around us and make moments. 🙂 It’s a brand new year and I am determined to take OGujariya to new heights. These days, I am more into lifestyle and health posts rather than beauty posts. A long list of products are waiting to be reviewed. Today, I am here with a review on Nivea antiperspirant extra whitening roll on. Let’s checkout if it’s worth buying or not.

Nivea Antiperspirant Extra Whitening Roll On

What Does It Claim?

Tightens pores and smoothens skin with skin nutrients and vitamins

√ Skin tolerance dermatologically proven

What is it Made of?


How Much Does It Cost?

Nivea Antiperspirant Extra Whitening Roll On – 175 INR for 50 ml

Where to Buy?

Nivea Antiperspirant Extra Whitening Roll On can be purchased at a discounted price of 158 INR => HERE

You can also find the other variants in the link given above.

My Experience With the Product

Antiperspirants and deos are a must wherever you go. For me, it is very important to smell good. Fragrances are something that can instantly cheer me up or make me irritated. I got this roll on from the Guardian store at Kuala Lumpur Airport. I did a huge haul from the store and this was a part of it. I did not find this variant in any Indian stores and hence decided to give it a try. I do not sweat a lot or have body odor. But I like to put on this roll on because I want to ruin all the chances of body odor at all instances. 😛 This might sound silly, but this is one among the long list of weird phobias I’ve got. This roll on comes in a bottled pack with a screw lid. The head rotates smoothly, transferring the antiperspirant on the skin. It is a white fluid and has a powdery texture once it dries up a bit. I have been using it since four months and I am totally satisfied with this roll on. It does not lighten or brighten the underarms, but it certainly protects the delicate skin in that area. It does not transfer to the clothes, hence no more ugly, green, deo patches on the clothes. This smells great and the fragrance lingers for a while. Overall, my experience with this roll on is awesome and I am going to repurchase another variant available in the online stores.

Putting together the pros and cons,


♥  Compact packaging

♥  Travel-friendly pack

♥  Glides smoothly

♥  Does not transfer to clothes

♥  Flowery fragrance

♥  Keeps you fresh all day long

♥  Totally affordable

♥  Easily available

♥  Skin-protection

♥  Prevents darkening if not whitening!


🙁  No brightening effects as per the claim

🙁  This variant is not available in India

Will I Recommend This To Others?

Yes! The other variants of Nivea antiperspirant roll ons are available in the market and they are worth trying. I’d definitely recommend this to people who have body odor or who are just Bromidrophobic like me, must use this to satisfy your OCD soul. 😉

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Smell Good!