Hello Gujariyas!

Thinking of how guilty I must be for not updating my blog for so long, I honestly feel that this is a much needed break because I’ve been waiting for him for six months. Girls out there, whose love is in Navy or Army, exactly know how it feels. I’ve already written a post on it which you can read here and feel proud about being a Seafarer’s wife 😉 Let’s jump to today’s topic – My Skin18 Haul and Website Review! 🙂

I love hauls! Seriously speaking, every haul post by my blogger friends is like a treat to the eyes 😛 I love to see what they’ve shopped and that triggers my shopaholic instincts too!  😉  So Skin18 contacted me a few days back and I said “YES” 😀 Lolz…:P

What I Got from Skin18?

Let me introduce you to Skin18, a Korean skincare brand that believes that skincare is more important than makeup. They have a huge variety of products to choose from. Take look at what I got in my package.

img14680709667531. AC-Dressing Skin Renewal Mask with Facial Foaming Cleanser and High Functional Ampoule

img14680714098372. Fresh Fruit Lemon Real Nature Mask Pack for Hydrated Skin

img14680714541523. Ginkgo 7-Skin Scheduler Tuesday Anti-Wrinkle Mask

img14680715916254. Luke Total Skin Solution Collagen Hydrogel Eye Pack

img14680716507805. Ben & Sera 15 Days Anti-Wrinkle Taeng Taeng



My Experience With The Product


I’ve tried only the AC-Dressing Skin Renewal Mask as of now. I shall be sharing a detailed review on the products in separate posts. Talking about the mask I’ve tried today,  I first cleansed my face thoroughly with the facial cleanser that came along with the pack. It lathered really well and had a creamy texture. My skin felt instantly fresh and clean after rinsing. Then I applied the “ampoule” (I don’t know why it isn’t an ‘ampule’ as I learnt in school!!!!?) Anyways, it was a clear gel which I applied evenly on my face and neck and massaged well until it got absorbed. Then I pulled out the mask sheet from the pack which was completely damp with the formula. I then carefully spread it on my face so that the holes provided for eyes, nose and mouth fit exactly to my face. I loved how it actually felt like an air-conditioner on my face 😀 I kept it on for 20 minutes and took it off while it was still damp. The mask was so damp that even if I put it on for hours together, it refuses to dry. I wiped out the excess product from my face using a tissue wipe. The first thing I noticed was a firm and rejuvenated skin. 🙂 Wow! What better than a midweek facial at home in between work? 😀 The only downturn was the slippery feeling which I got while touching my face with the mask sheet on. It felt a little weird! Apart from that I loved this mini AC 😉

How Much and Where to Buy?

147INR approximately!

Buy it from their website => HERE!

Will I Recommend this Product?

I would recommend this particular mask from Skin18 to everyone. Let me first try out the other products to comment anything about it. The packaging and the quality of the mask I used was great and I believe that the rest would also keep up to my expectations. 🙂

Stay Gorgeous!

Love You♥