Beauty is at times skin deep! Yes, it is because none of us wish to live with acne, dark circles, bald patches, pigmentation, dull and lifeless skin. We don’t mind spending thousands on beauty treatments and products but we forget the basic fact that only proper diet and healthy lifestyle can give you beautiful skin and hair. Among the various reasons for skin and hair problems, one main reason is, the deficiency of vitamin E, rightly called as the ‘beauty vitamin’. Let’s talk about ways in which you can incorporate Vitamin-E in your daily life to achieve flawless skin and healthy hair. 
Say Hello to the Beauty Vitamin! 

I am Alpha Tocopherol, fondly called ‘Vitamin-E’. I have three siblings, but who cares, I am the best! I have  My job is to protect the body against free radicals. This makes me a ‘beauty guru’ because I exactly know what can make you look like Kareena Kapoor. You can find me in wheat germ oil, olives, nuts, seeds, egg, rose hips and even peanuts. When you ingest me, I happily sit in your liver so that your body can use me as and when required because I am fat-soluble, you see! 

That’s all you’d like to hear about me. Over to Ragini! πŸ™‚ 

Hello, folks! Vitamin-E is an interesting guy I must say! πŸ˜‰ There are so many things this beauty vitamin does apart from taking care of your skin and slowing down the aging process. Here is the list of benefits our body gets from vitamin E. 

  • Acts as a powerful antioxidant
  • Strengthens immune system 
  • Prevents cardiovascular disease 
  • Reduces the risk of Alziemer 
  • Eases premenstrual blues
  • Helps in normal blood clotting 
  • Protects body tissues and cells from wear and tear

Beauty Recipes Using Evion Vitamin-E Capsules:

Evion Vitamin-E Capsules
Puncturing an Evion Capsule!
Thick, transparent liquid inside the capsule

Evion supplements can be used in topical form too. All you have to do is puncture the Vitamin-E capsule and get the thick, transparent liquid out of it. This potent liquid when mixed with various ingredients, works like a charm on skin and hair. Check out my favourite recipes for beautiful skin using Evion Vitamin-E capsule. 

#1 Bye Bye Aging!

Vitamin E helps in smoothening fine lines and wrinkles thus making you look young. Simply add the content of one capsule to your daily moisturiser. For best results, mix it along with your night cream and massage it onto the face and neck.

#2 Banish the Zits! 

You may wonder how a thick, sticky gel can clear out your stubborn pimples? Let me tell you, I have combination skin and I break out like crazy near the chin and nose. Just apply the content of the capsule directly on the inflamed area of acne and leave it overnight. This is one of the fastest and safest ways to get rid of zits.

#3 Goddess Glow!

Suffering from dull and lifeless skin? Especially new mothers like me who are experiencing post-partum woes need to take extra care of their skin. Add two to three drops of Vitamin-E to half teaspoon of glycerine. Massage it well on the face with firm strokes and leave it for 30 minutes. Wash it with a mild cleanser and you are already glowing like a goddess!

#4 Go bold not Bald!

Are you still combing your hair side ways to hide the bald patch on your scalp? Evion Vitamin-E capsules will come to rescue. All you have to do is empty the contents of one capsule to one tablespoon of coconut oil and massage it onto the scalp. Leave it overnight and wash the next day with a mild shampoo. In a few weeks you’ll notice hair growth on the bald patch.

#5 Stretch marks are a gone thing!

Post pregnancy, body undergoes a lot of changes. Especially our tummy grows almost 5X in size and reduces back to normal after a few months. This expansion and contraction takes a toll on the skin. Stretch marks appear in the entire lower abdomen and this is something that can’t be erased so quickly. But regular usage on Vitamin-E on the affected area will help in reducing the appearance of stretch marks and restores even skin tone. 

#6 Pretty hands and feet! 

Our hands and feet suffer the most among all the other body parts. It is utmost important to take care of them. Unruly hands and feet doesn’t leave a good impression and thus it must be groomed. To your favourite hand cream, mix a few drops of Evion Vitamin-E capsule content. Massage it on the cuticles well. This also helps in treating hang nails and helps in reducing the wrinkles on the back of the hands. 

So, this is how I use Evion supplements to address all my beauty concerns. Do leave a comment on how do you use #Evion Vitamin-E capsules for beauty! 

Stay Beautiful Inside Out!