Lip balms are our constant companions be it any season of the year. It is important to keep our lips moisturized in order to protect the delicate skin. Chapped lips and pigmentation are two main problems that most of us face. However, I am not justifying that lip balms are the only solution to maintain soft and pink lips, but it should not be neglected too! Even dehydration, lack of nutrition and excess caffeine can also lead to this problem. Girls love to go overboard with their lippies and I am no different. Recently I tried Matra Holistic Lip Care Lip Balm and I am here with a to-the-point review on the same.

Matra Holistic Lip Care – Strawberry Salve

What Does It Claim?

Matra is a luxuriously natural skincare brand engaged in the development of pure, non-toxic and healthy skincare with international standards and a ritzy use experience. Enriched with Moroccan gold, the Matra lip balm is a revolutionary formula providing for a 360-degree lip care solution throughout the year! 100 Percent natural and pure specially made with the historic wise man’s miracle frankincense, myrrh and Moroccan gold, Matra lip balms will provide the nourishment and moisture needed for a holistic lip care experience.

What Went Into Making This Lip Balm?

How Much and Where to Buy?

Matra Holistic Lip Care Lip Balm costs 199 INR for 9g. You can buy it at just 179 INR from HERE!

My Experience With This Lip Balm

I love lip balms that are not too sticky or glossy. When I tried Matra holistic lip care lip balm for the first time, it felt so light on my lips. I love the texture of this lip balm because it has no shimmer in it and looks gorgeous. The color is similar watermelon red but smells like strawberries. It has a very light tint which is almost invisible on my pigmented lips. It doesn’t feel heavy at all and stays for a good 4-6 hours if I am not eating anything. This does the job of nourishing the lips and keeps chapping at bay. But I cannot comment on its effects on pigmented lips. The fragrance is so mild that after few minutes of application, it doesn’t feel like wearing a lippie.

Have a look at the pictures!

Summing up


♥ Great packaging

♥ Moisturizes well

♥ Subtle fragrance

♥ Smells good

♥ No shimmer

♥ Affordable

♥ Doesn’t feel heavy

♥ Stays for 4-6 hours

♥ Three variants to choose from(

♥ Natural ingredients

♥ Cruelty-free

♥ Supports social cause


🙁 It cannot be found offline so easily

Will I Recommend/Repurchase Matra Holistic Lip Care Lip Balm?

I love using the shade Strawberry Salve from Matra and would love to try the other two shades. People who love lip balms that do not look sticky or glossy, go for this one. Argan oil in a lip balm is so cool! 🙂

♥ Love You ♥