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Indian women absolutely love wearing handloom sarees. The ethereal beauty and charm of hand-woven fabrics have no comparison to mill fabrics. Artisans from various parts of India exhibit their immense love for native art forms through yards of fine fabric. People who actually love handloom do not merely like the fabric or the designs, but they appreciate the time, creativity and care that has went in weaving them. Jharonka, a product of Craftsvilla, is a paradise for all the handloom lovers.

Being born and brought up in Tamil Nadu, I grew up admiring Kancheepuram Silk sarees. I love how this queen of silks can instantly make you feel like an empress. Being a Banarasi by ethnicity, I adore the magical weave of Chanderi silk. Incredible India and even more incredible are the artistic hands that can transform ordinary threads to masterpieces! The most interesting fact about handlooms I recently read was that there are more than 5 different handlooms in every corner of India. The number of entire handloom collection of our country is not that easy to count. It can even give other nations a run for their money, as they wouldn’t be able to resist from buying them all at once!

Jharonka is the place for handloom lover where they can buy real handloom sarees. I am overwhelmed by the huge assortment of handlooms in this store. What to buy and what not is yet to be decided but I have already made my wishlist. Here it is,

1. Bengali Khadi Linen Saree

This saree is perfect for work with minimum colors and earthy feel. I like how the pallu has a dash of blue that makes it look vibrant.

2. Banarasi Katan Silk Paithani Saree

This purple beauty is carefully hand woven to give a royal look. It is a limited collection by Salman Ansari, the weaver.

3. Orissa Ghicha and Tussar Silk Saree

This saree is a story in itself. I instantly fell for the dreamy weaves and handpainted motifs that make it a class apart.

4. Assam Handwoven Silk Saree

Assamese have a rich weaving history. This saree is my personal favorite due to its Butti motifs that add to the overall charm. This pure mulberry silk saree is a product of Madhushree brand.

For the love of handloom sarees do visit Jharonka.com!

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