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The word ‘saffron’ or ‘kesar’ reminds us of the sweet aroma and the intense orange and reddish color. It has been adding to the nutritional value and flavor to our food since ages. We have also read about Indian queens using saffron for their beauty rituals. This little stigma has lot more to do than just beautifying and adding flavors to the dishes. This article is going to be a review on a handmade, organic soap – Kesar Snan, that has saffron as the main ingredient. I’ll also talk about how good is Kashmiri saffron for your skin along with a few interesting facts.

Kesar Snan Saffron Soap

What Does It Claim?

These are natural soaps made using pure Kashmir Saffron enriched with milk cream to keep your skin and complexion fresh and glowing all day long.

What is it Made Of?

How Much and Where to Buy?

Kesar Snan Saffron Soap comes in a pack of 3 with each soap weighing 75 gms. The pack costs 130 INR only! 🙂

You can get it from Qtrove!

My Take on This Product

When you know that your soap is free from animal fat and is totally handmade by the artisans of India, you enjoy your bath without any worries. 🙂 This is the reason I keep trying on various organic soaps that have 100% natural ingredients that are mild on the skin. Kesar Snan saffron soap comes in a form of a round, off-white bar which smells great. The moment I opened the pack, sweet smell of saffron took over my senses. It is creamy and lather really well. It is also mild on the skin and does not leave a stretchy feeling post-bath. This does not mean that you could skip a moisturizer. It does not stick to the body and can be washed off quickly. The whole bathroom fills with the aroma of saffron and cream after using this. I would not say that the bar lasts long because, the creamy texture of the soap gets used up faster. However, loofah-bodied men have the potential of exhausting it in a day or two! 😀 😛 Coming to Kashmiri kesar, this soap is supposedly enriched with saffron and milk cream along with other ingredients. I will not comment on the whitening or brightening part as I do not endorse one! But it does makes the skin soft and radiant apart from the amazing fragrance that lingers for a few hours.

Let me list down the pros and cons,


♥ Value pack

♥ Creamy texture

♥ Lathers well

♥ Great fragrance

♥ Goodness of saffron

♥ Milk cream has moisturizing effects

♥ Affordable

♥ Makes the skin soft

♥ Suitable for winters

♥ Refreshing feeling post-bath

♥ Soothes the senses


🙁 Does not last long

🙁 The fragrance subsides in a couple of hours

🙁 Difficult to find other than Qtrove

Will I Repurchase/Recommend This to You?

I will repurchase another variant from this range because I am quite impressed with this value pack of Kesar Snan Saffron Soaps. I would recommend this to you if you want to treat your senses with the sweet aroma of Kashmiri saffron plus the benefits for the skin.

Facts About Kashmiri Saffron You Must Know!

Kashmiri saffron uniquely belongs to the beautiful valley of Kashmir. Persians gave credit to Chinese for discovering it in India. The best way to spot a real Kashmiri kesar is by its color. It has a deep reddish color with a tint of orange at the tips. A real saffron strand will take around 15 minutes to release its aroma and color while the fake ones instantly changes color. Here are a few interesting facts about saffron or kesar and how it is beneficial for our skin and body.

√ It lightens the skin tone

√ It imparts glow to the dull and lifeless skin

√ It helps in removing tan

√ It effectively treats acne and blemishes

√ It is an excellent antidepressant

√ It has been proven to be great for weight loss

√ It improves serotonin levels that suppress hunger

√ It promotes fertility

√ It reduces menstrual cramps 

√ It is good for the heart as it improves circulation

√ It controls diabetes

√ It prevents cancer

The above are facts backed up with valid proof and thus it should be a quintessential spice in our kitchen henceforth! 🙂 I will be posting about the best DIY recipes for glowing/radiant/blemish-free skin soon on the blog. Do share your opinion on this in the comments section below!

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