Going to bed with your makeup on is a sin! But it would be an even bigger sin if you continuously expose your skin to chemical-laden makeup cleansers. There are so many brands that claim that they are 100% organic but still end up using chemicals that do more harm than good. Today I am going to review Inatur Herbals Olive Cleansing Milk which claims to be truly organic and good for skin.

Inatur Herbals Olive Cleansing Milk

What Does The Label Say?

Inatur’s Olive cleansing milk is a soap-free creamy and nourishing cleanser that helps in replenishing lost moisture. It also assists in removing makeup and other impurities. It can also be used around the eyes. It is enriched with organic Olive oil that prevents blemishes and gently cleanses and nourishes the skin by opening the pores. It contains Olive-that softens & moisturizes, Chamomile- that has anti allergic properties and it calms & soothes the skin, Geranium Oil- prevents untimely sagging by tightening of the facial skin and combats anti-ageing symptoms, Honey- makes it easy to unclog pores, boosts the complexion, treats acne and slows down ageing, Lavender- tones and firms your skin as it boosts circulation.

Ideal for: All skin types (esp. sensitive skin)

What Went Inside the Bottle?

My Take on This Product

I’ve already used few Inatur Herbals products and found them really effective. I am not someone who goes overboard with makeup but I do like cleansing milk to remove even my tinted day cream. I remember the last time I used cleansing milk from Lakme and my face was filled with acne. It never suited me and for many years I never used cleansing milk. Post-wedding, I had to put on a lot of makeup and so decided to try something that won’t irritate my skin. Thankfully, all the brands of cleansing milk I tried were safe and cleansed my skin really well.

Inatur Herbals olive cleansing milk is probably the third or fourth brand of makeup cleanser I am using. It comes in an attractive yellow plastic bottle with a flip cap. The cleansing milk is white and not too runny. It’s easy to massage it on the face and neck and then wipe it off with a towelette or makeup remover pads.  It has a pleasant aroma that relaxes the senses. A small quantity is enough for removing makeup from the whole face. I’ve tested it on mascara, eyeliner, and lipstick to see if it really takes off all the makeup or not. Here are the before and after pictures of the swatches of makeup.

You can very well see that this cleanser has taken out all the makeup like a pro!

This cleansing milk is enriched with olive oil which has great benefits for the skin. I actually felt that my skin became soft and supple after removing the makeup using this product. I even waited for the next day just to see if it causes breakouts. But, to my relief, my skin was clear and glowing even the next morning. Overall, I can assure that this product does the job of removing makeup very well and without affecting the skin.


♥ Completely organic

♥ Smells great

♥ Cleanses the skin deeply

♥ Removes makeup effectively

♥ Makes the skin soft

♥ Nourishes the skin

♥ Doesn’t break out

♥ Suits all skin types (even oily and sensitive skin)

♥ Little quantity is enough for single use


🙁 Pricey for the quantity

How Much and Where to Buy?

Inatur Herbals Olive Cleansing Milk costs 225 INR for 100 ml. You can buy it from here or here!

Will I Recommend/Repurchase This Product?

If you are looking for a good cleansing milk that removes all the makeup effectively without containing chemicals in it, then your search ends here. Inatur Herbals Olive Cleansing Milk is highly recommended for sensitive-skinned people like me who are worried about breakouts after using oil-based cleansers.

Take Care!