Hello All!

School days were indeed memorable and those fond memories of singing prayers in the assembly are still recorded in my mind 🙂 But, growing up wasn’t that easy for me (literally!) I used to stand in the third position and was contented with the fact that I am bit taller than those two other girls 😉 Sadly, it didn’t last too long and as I was promoted to the higher grades, I felt like being surrounded by giraffes all of a sudden! Damn puberty 🙁 So, consistently, for another 7-8 years, I held the tag of being the shortest girl in the class! Blame the maternal genes or anything, I wonder why my parents did not do anything about my height and did everything about my weight? 🙁 Now I realize the importance of nutrition and educate my friends and relatives about how important it is for children to catch up on lost growth.

A child is called “healthy” when he/she has a healthy weight and height. Every child shows different growth patterns and providing them with proper nutrition should be the prime motto of every parent. I am listing out some important and helpful suggestions for all the parents out there, so that you can make little adjustments in your kid’s daily routine.

#1 Massage

Children have immense scope for growth and so it is essential to stimulate the lymph nodes regularly. Give your kid a proper massage at least once a week. You may use oils such as mustard oil, sesame oil or even desi ghee! Yes, ghee is loaded with essential nutrients that maintains the elasticity of the skin and nourishes the underlying tissues. Slightly warm the oil before massaging for better penetration. I am sure children will love it and you can add up to those chirpy smiles by making them a nice bubble bath post-massage! 🙂

#2 Sports and Recreational Activities

As your kids grow up, get them introduced to sports like basketball, kabbadi, etc. Take time out to teach them or enroll them to camps that teach swimming, yoga, karate and so on. All of these activities involves greater muscle movement and it also boosts metabolism. If you notice lethargic behavior and loss of appetite in your child, its high time you checked on their level of physical activity. After all, we all love to see our children brimming with energy and happiness!

#3 Nutrition

Nutrition in children doesn’t imply that you must forcibly make them eat spinach and not-so-interesting veggies. It included everything but in the right proportion. Indian moms are the best because they exactly know how to make a boring vegetable into a delicacy. Give your children a lot of options when it comes to food because it is easy for kids to develop tastes for food items rather than forcing them to eat when they are all grown-up and already developed an aversion towards veggies like bitter guards or bottle guards. No diet plan is successful without milk when it comes to nutrition for children. These days there are number of options available for making a plain glass of milk into an ultimate drink.

Horlicks introduces Horlicks Growth Plus, a complete health drink for your children that works on three main things,

  • Naturally enhances growth
  • Healthy weight gain
  • High quality protein

It is impossible to go wrong with a brand like Horlicks which had been there since our childhood. Horlicks Growth+ is exclusively prepared by considering the nutritional needs of every child. Sometimes, kids lag on growth due to fussy eating or illness. This drink helps in maintaining the essential vitamins and minerals required for the children to catch up on growth. It has been tried and tested by experts and proven to be effective in showing a positive results in just 6 months. It also helps in maintaining the health and build stamina so that they are active all the time and free from obesity.

Horlick Growth+ is a clinically proven health drink that consists of the following,

  • Essential amino acids
  • Immunity boosting nutrients – Vitamin A, C and D
  • High quality Whey Protein
  • Comes in two yummy flavors- Chocolate and smooth vanilla

So this makes it an ideal drink for your children. 😀 So no more nagging and only empty glasses! 😉

#4 Sleep

The last point that is very important for children’s growth is, sleep. Children are more active than us and so we must take care of their sleep and resting hours. Every kid needs at least a good 8-10 hours of sleep everyday. This rejuvenates the body and promotes healthy growth of tissues. I am sure you love watching your little ones sleep and now you have another reason to be happy about their sleep 🙂

Take Care!