Hello Guys!

This post is dedicated to all the men in the world who are are in love or yet to fall for one! I’ve been getting requests from my friends to write something for guys too. I’d first like to thank each one of them for being really really sweet by sincerely following my posts though they could never relate themselves to my posts πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜› I could only see how much regard they all have for me. Thank you so very much guys!

In exchange for the love and appreciation, I am going to let out some secrets that a girl would never let the guy she likes know them ever. These secrets, to a certain extent, will help you solve the mystery called “women” πŸ˜‰

Secret #1 Smiles a little more!


Β Who doesn’t like smiling faces? So here she is using her secret weapon, “Smile” to get your attention. So next time you find a girl smiling a lot, don’t be a fool to conclude that she likes you! πŸ˜› Observe her for sometime and then “happy dance” in your head πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

Secret #2 Is the Damsel in Distress?distress

When she is trying to show the plaster on her finger while giving you the file, notice it and ask her how that happened. It probably will be the sweetest thing happened to her in that day. While you are helping, she is building a moment to be recorded in her diary today πŸ˜‰

Secret #3 Texts you back instantly!


Send her a text and she’ll reply as if she’d been waiting for it. Despite possessing the right to ignore texts, if a girl replies so quick, she is sure to like you a lot!

Secret #4 Sarcasm is the new language!


Sarcasm and wit becomes the invisible arrows, she is trying to throw at you because she so needs your attention πŸ˜‰ Its a matter of fact that men don’t like shallow women and sarcasm is not a common genre.

Secret #5 Why are the girls giggling?


Talk to her when she is with her besties. If you notice them giggling and whispering into each other’s ears, chances are that she might have told them about you.

So guys, watch out for these symptoms! She likes you from her heart and its your turn to let her know that you like her too! πŸ˜‰

Good luck guys!

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