Hi Gujariyas!

During the teens, our mothers were so particular about what we eat and how we dress. The hormonal changes in our body brought some ugly zits on the face. But we didn’t have to worry because mothers always had some or the other home-made face packs ready. As we reach mid twenties, we hardly get time to take care of our skin concerns. For the few unfortunate lot like me, mothers are way too far to pamper us and others just don’t bother. Experience is the best teacher, because that’s how we get know what is best for us and what isn’t. My skin reacts to everything I eat or wear. I love Amritsari kulchas, roasted cashews, peanut butter and Muscat halwa! The moment I eat any of these, the devil (acne) shows up. I hate the very sight of acne forming on my face. So I always keep some neem or tea-tree oil based packs and cleansers ready. One of my favorite face pack is Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Pack. This is a staple to me and now my cousin’s too use it regularly. Let’s check out how it helped me achieving a clear and problem-free skin.

Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Pack


What Went Inside This Tube?

Each ml contains the following,

  • Neem (Azadirachta indica) (100 mg) 
  • Fullers Earth (Multani Mitti) (40 mg) 
  • Turmeric (Curcuma Longa) (20 mg). 

How Much and Where to Buy?

♠ This power-packed face pack from Himalaya Herbals costs only 130INR for 100gms.

♠ This is omnipresent! 😀 I mean, it is available almost in any departmental store, the nearest fake cosmetics and beauty store where they sell Revlon lipsticks for 40INR but incapable of duping this neem pack 😛

♠ Even better, buy it from =>Amazon for just 104INR 🙂

My Take on the Product

Like I already said, this is a staple. No matter where I go and how bad the weather conditions are, this comes handy in correcting those ugly zits. The packaging it simple and non-messy as you can see below,


Sorry! I tore that 😐



The texture of the face pack is thick enough for easy application. It is dark green in color and feels like powdered neem paste with a pleasing smell. Although the ingredients individually might not smell that good, but this face pack definitely does. I usually apply this after a good exfoliation using a home made or over-the-counter scrub. It is a ready-made pack, hence there is no need to mix water or rosewater to it. If there is an acne bump, after applying this scrub for 15-20 minutes, it subsides or forms a head. If there is an existing acne, it dries it up in 2-3 applications. I use it regularly around periods, when the stocked up hormones start ruining my skin. Till date, I have recommended this face pack to most of my friends and relatives. They have only thanked me for it 🙂 One tube lasts atleast 10-12 applications which amounts to 10INR per use. I am sure that isn’t a fortune to spend on such a good face pack? 😉

Let me sum up the pros and cons for you,


♥ Neat packaging

♥ Travel-friendly pack

♥ Also available in smaller quantities and sachets

♥ Very effective in treating acne

♥ Boon for oily-skinned beauties

♥ Keeps the skin oil-free

♥ Smells great

♥ Mess-free application

♥ Instantly freshens the skin and gives a clear complexion

♥ Totally affordable

♥ Easily available online and offline


🙁 It should come in kilos instead of grams 😛

🙁 Did I mention it stings a bit?

Will I Repurchase/Recommend this Face Pack?

Still got doubts? Try it for yourself with a sachet as cheap as 15INR! Or simply steal a dollop of face pack from your sister’s or bhabhi’s beauty stash 😉 Anyways, I’d definitely go on repurchasing it forever and ever!

PS. Do not take the stealing advice so seriously as that might lead to severe embarrassment when caught “green-faced” 😀

♥ Be Beautiful Inside Out! ♥