Hello Gujariyas!

There are only two things in the world that can instantly cheer me up. They are good music and fragrance! I just cannot stand “Oooo piya piya” playing in the mid of workout nor can I bear the smell of dirty sink while preparing to cook. :/ When I received Hedonista Fleur Frozen Ittar in my March Envy Box, I was skeptical about it. Read on to know if it pleased the “choosy” me or not?


What Does The Label Say?


How Much Does It Cost?

1045INR for 20gm

Where To Buy?

You can directly buy it from Hedonista’s website ⇒ HERE!

My Opinion About The Product

The Ittar comes in a rather cute and classy round tin, which has a screw lid. Checkout these pictures,


frozen ittar

fleur frozen ittar

You must be already impressed with the great ingredient list. Can you notice the micro droplets on the surface? Its just the oil that has precipitated. I simply dab a little behind my ears, wrists and collar bones and get lost in the fragrance 😉 This ittar has a calming effect on your mind and body. The best time to use it is on those nights when your body says “sleep” while your brain is occupied with random thoughts. I keep it beside my pillow these days and next time I travel, I am definitely taking this cutie in my purse!

Let me sum it up for you to decide!


Great fragrance

♥ All natural ingredients

♥ Calming effect on the body

♥ Easy to apply

♥ Doesn’t irritate the skin. Infact, its good for the skin as it has all good oils

♥ Classy and sturdy packaging

♥ Enough quantity that would last really long

♥ The fragrance lasts for almost 3-4 hours


 Too pricey!

∅ Availability is a big issue

∅ Only two variants available

Overall, a good buy for all Ittar lovers. If you are someone who doesn’t like fruity notes and strong perfumes, this is for you. Treat your olfactory senses!

Stay Gorgeous! Smell Great 😉