O Gujariyas!

I never had as much hair as you do. It was never so thick and bouncy. I always wondered how girls braid from all directions and are still left with bun-sized hair. I always wished I had curly hair so that I could no one could ever guess how less my hair is. I never leave the house with oil on my hair, because my scalp is so visible. But, the day I wash my hair, I have almost straight, shiny and lovely locks, that people are jealous of!

This is me. Do you see yourself too here?

If yes, then welcome to the “Fine Mane League”! The problem with us is, our fine hair is not actually “fine”. A little hair fall wrecks our confidence and a volumizing spray makes our day. We have to be constantly conscious about how our hair looks and ultimately that decides how great or not-so-great our day is going to be. I am going to tell you about how to transform your hair with trivial changes in lifestyle. Mind you, I am not going to preach! This post is about the challenge I am taking to achieve my dream mane.

There is nothing challenging about the things you gotta do, but the real challenge lies in adhering to it. Only disciplined actions reap great results!

Okay, let me start with explaining what my current hair care routine is like.

⊗ I oil my hair thrice a week and wash it off the same day.

⊗ I try on new products on my hair every now and then

⊗ I occasionally apply henna and keep it for 2 hours before I wash it off

⊗ I rarely apply any hair mask or it wouldn’t be lie to say that I apply a hair mask once in a blue moon!

⊗ My protein intake is limited to pulses and that happens just twice a week or so

⊗ I keep my hair tied into bun or pony all the time

So this explains how careless I am about my mane. The only good thing I do is oiling my hair before wash. Despite knowing that its causing hair fall and thinning hair, I keep doing it because I am either too lazy to do something about it or too occupied with things that I tend to neglect it completely. I am experiencing too much hair fall these days. Everytime I pull out the rubber band, wash or comb my hair, I lose a bunch of it. Its time I did something about it and so I’ve decided to take up the MABH challenge. I was suggested by a fellow blogger about the challenge and so I contacted Lancy, the young and pretty owner of MABH oil, who herself has gorgeous mid-thigh length hair. She sent me two bottles of MABH oil that had an explanatory note about how this works.

You may also read it here!


So here are the list of things that you need to do if you wanna achieve a long and healthy mane,

  1. Massage MABH oil at least thrice a week and leave it on for 1-2 hours before washing it off
  2. Stick on to one shampoo, probably a mild shampoo
  3. Get enough Omega-3. You can take any of these Fish Oil Supplements or Flax Seeds or both daily
  4. Take protein rich diet. It can be an egg in any form or a bowl full of your favorite dal or even both
  5. Treat yourself with a homemade hair pack once a week. Here are a few recipes,                                                     ♥Egg White + Olive oil                                                                                                                                                      ♥Amla powder + Brahmi Powder + Egg White                                                                                                       ♥Mashed bananas hair mask                                                                                                                                         ♥Onion Juice + Ginger juice + Lemon juice + Olive Oil
  6. Sweat out for 40 mins a day by working out at the gym or at home
  7. Install a water reminder app and drink as much as 3.8 litres of water everyday
  8. Completely cut down on sugar and caffeine
  9. Never tie your hair so tightly with bands or clutches. Simply leave it free or make loose braids
  10. Get enough sleep. At least 8 hours of unhindered sound sleep is all that one requires

I shall be posting an update exactly after a month from now. In the meanwhile, I shall take the challenge by incorporating the above lifestyle changes. Join me in this challenge and post your views about this below. I would be happy to add anything that would make this challenge all the more worth it!

Stay gorgeous!