Hello Dears!

The word “workout” haunts, when its so cold outside that even getting out of the blanket becomes a tough task. We don’t even dare to think about gym during winters! It is easy for us to cover-up the extra kilos under the layers of clothing. But once winters are over, a fat-chicken that had been pampered with fries and coffees, comes out! None of our clothes fit and we are only left with regrets of not working our asses out earlier.

I am here with an interesting recipe that can melt away fat like magic while you are cozying up! The wonder ingredient I am using in this recipe is Horse Gram/ Kulthi in Hindi/ Kollu Payaru in Tamil

You will need,

  • Horse Gram – 200gm
  • Carom Seeds/ Ajwain – 50gm
  • Black Salt – 1 tbsp


  • A brave-heart to step out of the blanket 😉

How to Prepare

Horse gram & Carom Seeds- Before and After Roasting
Horse gram & Carom Seeds- Before and After Roasting
  1. Clean the horse gram and carom seeds
  2. Take a heavy-bottomed pan
  3. Dry roast the ingredients till it begins to crackle and turn dark brown
  4. Let it cool for sometime
  5. Grind it into fine powder
  6. Add Black Salt to it
  7. Store it in an air-tight container

How to Use

The Ultimate Fat-Burning Mix
The Ultimate Fat-Burning Mix
The Ultimate Fat- Burning Drink
The Ultimate Fat- Burning Drink


  1. Boil a cup of water and add a spoon of the powder
  2. Leave it for 2-3 mins
  3. Stir Well and drink
  4. Drink this 3-4 times a day after meals
  5. Sprinkle it on salads
  6. Eat with roti/idli/dosa

How it works

Horse gram is generally consumed in hilly areas, where people consume food that keeps their body warm. It comes as a cheap but effective option to combat cold weather. This is usually given to horses due to its high-protein content and considered as high-energy food. It tastes so good when cooked as dal or rasam. Horse gram is difficult to digest and thus, accelerates the metabolism, producing heat inside our body and Carom seeds are known for it digestive and anti-bloating properties. The proportionate mix of these two wonder ingredients, produces heat in our body, thereby melting away the stored fats. Replacing this fat-burning drink with the junk we eat, its possible to achieve a summer-ready body. Infact, winters are the best time to loose weight and to achieve your fitness goals!


  • Avoid using during pregnancy or when trying to conceive
  • Avoid if it causes burning sensation

Tips to Loose Weight and Stay Fit During Winter

  • Warm up and stretching exercises improves blood circulation
  • Include some physical activity, which may even be cleaning or washing, for at least half an hour a day
  • Get enough sunlight
  • Eat a lot of citrus fruits
  • Use Olive oil for cooking
  • Replace fried with baked snacks
  • Eat whole grains. This increases the metabolic activity in the body, producing more heat
  • Dine early, preferably before 8.00 PM

By following the above tips and regularly consuming the wonder drink, you are sure to loose inches and melt all the unwanted fat from your body.

Stay Fab & Fit this Winter!!! 🙂