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Here is a review on one of the super-hit products of Forest Essentials. Tejasvi Emulsion from the brand is what I am going to talk about today! “Tejas” means the healthy glow one carries on their face and body that indicates that not only the skin, but also the body is healthy. Our ancestors very well knew the benefits of natural ingredients and its effects on our body and soul. Right from Aromatherapy to Ayurveda, there are a huge number of brands that offer wide variety of products. But all that comes in fancy bottles or upcycled cardboards, may not be chemical-free. Only a few brands have made their way to the top by maintaining high quality and testing standards. In those few brands, Forest Essentials has a sure stake. Its been 15 years and counting, this brand has always lived upto its claims.

Lets jump to the review of Forest Essentials Tejasvi Emulsion,


What Is It Made Of?

This extraordinary product takes many months to prepare, as it is first processed from “Ghee” made with Cow’s milk. Cow’s milk is much finer and lighter in texture than the more creamy Buffalo milk, and requires much more milk to make a small amount of Ghee. This Ghee is then “aged” according to Ayurvedic texts, with pure Saffron, and mixed with potent herbs like Jivanti for firming & toning, Manjistha for refining skin texture, Cluster Fig for clarity and Kasturi Manjal for smoothness and elasticity. This is mixed into earthenware pots and buried beneath Banyan trees for about 2 months. It is then cooked on a slow fire with the addition of some fresh Cow’s milk, virgin Coconut oil and fresh Rose petals.

What Does The Product Claim?

This rejuvenating facial massage cream is specially formulated from the ancient Tejasvi formulation in Vedic texts to lighten and brighten the skin. This unique Emulsion removes blemishes and pigmentation by combining the potent properties of age-old Ayurvedic herbs, pure whole cream cow’s ghee, sweet Almond oil, virgin Coconut oil and Kokum butter blended with purifying and skin lightening and brightening herbs, root and flower extracts, leaving your skin supple and radiant.

Price: 2275INR for 50gm

You can buy it from Forest Essentials Website directly!

My Experience With the Product

As I keep telling you that my skin is on the oilier side, I make it a point to test it before recommend it to like-skinned beauties. I use this emulsion or rather I’d say it’s a massaging balm, once a week. Its saffron red balm which can be massaged onto the skin easily. I work it well on my skin for atleast 5-7 minutes. The fact that it contains “desi ghee” can easily be detected by your olfactory system 😛 I don’t mind that though, being a brought up in a typical Brahmin family! I could see my whole childhood drenched in desi ghee 😀 😉 Anyways, coming back from that short nostalgic trip, I was working this emulsion on my skin for so long that I had all the time in the world to things about random things 😛 After the skin has absorbed it fairly, I use the Forest Essentials Organic Hand Pound Fruit Scrub to take it off. Once I wash it off, all I am left with, is a soft and radiant skin that’s thanking me 🙂 After several hours of application the glow remains intact.

tejasvi emulsion

massage emulsion

The goods and worsts of the Tejasvi Emulsion is summed up below,


  • Contains the “desi ghee”, which is super-nourishing and pure
  • Spreads easily on the skin
  • Makes the skin softer, shinier and glowy
  • The glow lasts even on the next day
  • Tones the skin giving a firmer look
  • Does brighten up to a certain extent
  • Classy Packaging


  • Pricey!!!
  • Availability is limited to few online sites and FE stores in major cities
  • The smell of “desi ghee” can be a downturn for many who dislike it

Overall, I would recommend the product to all those who are looking for a massaging balm with anti-aging, brightening and toning properties. Oily skinned beauties can use it safely, because treating your skin with nourishing oils once in a while is totally healthy and is also recommended by various beauty experts. However, washing it off after a good massage will save you from breakouts.