I received Forest Essentials Luxury Sugar Soap in My Envy Box – February Edition. I shall be doing a review on the box in my next post. Since its been a while using this soap, I thought of reviewing it first.

What it Claims?

The lingering scent of fresh Tuberose flowers leaves the skin soft and lightly scented. It is a harmonizing fragrance which uplifts the senses.

What it Contains?


Price: 475INR for 125gms

Where to buy?

Forest Essentials has its own website and you can get a detailed information on this soap there. You can also directly purchase from their website => HERE

They have stores in almost all big cities where you can get try their products and buy them.

My Take on This Product

I’ve been using this since last week and I must say, the fragrance is amazing. I remember the faint smell of Rajnigandha flowers at my cousin’s place in Bikaner. I used to cross that place again and again just to get carried away by the lovely fragrance of those flowers. The transparent bar comes in a beautiful sunset orange color. The water that is supplied in our place is hard water, so I get really choosy when it comes to soaps and body cleansers. Even the best of body wash and soaps doesn’t lather well or sticks to the skin because of the alkalinity of the water. This soap lathered quite well but it was tough to wash it off. Blame the hard water! Anyways, it filled the bathroom with its uplifting fragrance and it remained even after washing it off. It did brighten my skin a bit though I never expected. It also evened out my skin tone and I felt refreshed for long hours.



  • Lather well even in hard water
  • Brightens the skin to a certain extent
  • Smells superb
  • Doesn’t dry out the skin
  • Evens out the skin tone
  • Soothes insect or mosquito bites
  • Skin feels healthy and refreshed after bath
  • Chemical free


  • May find a little difficulty in removing it, although people in areas with soft water may not experience this difficulty.
  • Pricey for a soap
  • Erodes faster, within a month or so
  • Doesn’t soften the skin so great, but yes hydrating part is true and thus a skin feels a soft and supple to some extent

I am satisfied with the product, but would like to try out other variants from Forest Essentials. They do have a great list of products that works like charm. I recommend this soap to anyone looking for a great-smelling and hydrating soap.