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I always had good and long hair and was not really bothered when people used to discuss their hair problems and sought remedies to sort it out. But recently I have started noticing changes happening to my hair. My hair comb was full of broken hair stands after combing, which was a clear indication that my hair has started falling. Adding to this, I could see white or grey hair and dandruff particles in the comb and on my dressing table.

Oh God, am I hit by all sort of hair problems in such a short time? Have I to live with this thin bunch of hair all the rest of my life or am I going to be hairless or bald sooner or later? Worries started popping into my mind.

What can be the reason for all this? Only thing I can figure out was, life has changed a lot in the last couple of years. There are a lot more stress and travel in my life for both personal and official reasons than before. Are the environmental pollutants from travel to be blamed for this or is it the different types of water, hard or chlorinated that I come across in various places as I travel or is it the improper sleep and food habits, which I have been used to.

All I know was something must be done at the earliest to alleviate the current status of my hair and like everyone, I too started searching over the internet for the best hair oils available in India.

There were all sorts of hair oils for sale in the market. There were hair growth oils, hair fall oils, hair oil for dandruff, hair oil for premature greying, hair fall control oil, hair regrowth oil, hair oil for hair loss, hair gain oil, anti dandruff hair oil, anti hair fall oil, herbal hair oil, ayurvedic hair oil, essentials oils for hair, 5 ingredients hair oil, 10 ingredients  hair oil, bringadi hair oil, bhringraj hair oil, amla hair oil, hibiscus hair oil, hair oil for men, hair oil for woman and the list goes on. …..! Someone, please tell me which hair oil should I really use.

During a recent college reunion, I shared all my hair concerns, with my friends. Even though many brands were suggested, everyone seemed shifting across product offerings seeking effectiveness.

One of them insisted on regular use of a brand called Fadlor hair oil, as a good one in all solution for all sorts of hair problems. Her husband had brought this hair oil during a visit to Kerala, for his balding problems and had been quite happy with it. She too started using it as it was available at home and soon fell in love with it.

Even though I had not heard of it, I thought of giving it a try. There was not much of availability for this product and the only option was to buy it from their website www.Fadlor.in or through Amazon India. Since there was an offer running in their site, I preferred to buy it from their site and got it delivered in a week’s time promptly.

Product Packaging:-

It came neatly packaged in a double box to avoid damages in transit, placed inside a zip pouch, which I believe may be to avoid spillage, in case that happens unfortunately.

The bottle was of good quality plastic with a flip-top cap and had a unique design for the packaging label which was very simple, but felt authentic. I found it to be neat, different and uncluttered compared to the usual stereotypes of hair oil packaging, like a woman caricature with a lot of hair, herbal ingredients and a lot of claims highlighted all over it.

Product Information:-

Quantity: 100 ml

30 ml (trial size for 5 days), 200 ml (routine size for 30 days) sizes are also available in their website. I chose the most popular 100 ml (love size for 15 days)

Price: Rs. 525 /-

There was a discount offer running in their website and I got it for Rs. 395 /-

Shelf Life: 2 years

Product Claims:-

Label text describes the product to be of a series called Naturlich (no clues what that mean, if someone knows that, let me know), is 100 % Natural & Herbal and Free from Artificial Preservatives, Colourants, Fragrances & Petrochemicals.

They claim the product to be very effective and proven as an all in one hair oil which on regular use Reduces hair fall, Restores damaged hair, Promotes growth of new hair, Fights dandruff, Slows premature greying, Relieves itchy scalp & Conditions frizzy hair, to Gift you with the lush, dark, thick and healthy hair you always longed for.

Product Ingredients:-

They say to have 9 power ingredients infused in it, namely.

Bhringraj – which strengthens the hair roots and promotes hair growth. True

Indigo – which improves hair vigour and relieves premature greying of hair.

Indian Gooseberry – which is a natural conditioner and is good in reducing hair fall and scalp problems.

Jequirity – which relives excessive dandruff and improves the quality of the hair.

Liquorice – which reduces excessive hair loss.

Balloon Vine – which helps fight baldness.

Coconut Milk – which has excellent moisturising properties and restores dry and damaged hair, itchy and irritated scalp.

Sesame Oil – which adds shine for the hair.

Coconut Oil – which is a natural coolant that nourishes the hair, promotes hair growth, detangles the hair and reduces hair breakage.

Product Texture:-

The oil texture is quite thick, bit of sticky and has a greenish black colour. It felt very pure and exotic in nature and had a rich herbal aroma.

How to use:-

Shake well before use. Apply oil on the Scalp and massage well for 5 minutes. Leave it on for a minimum of 30 minutes or overnight as desired. Cleanse with a mild shampoo & water.

 My experience:-

Compared to my habit to oiling hair twice or thrice a week, the instruction provided was to use it continuously for 15 days. Some habits never die and I could only manage to use it 3 to 4 times a week. With my pattern of use the bottle lasted for a month.

I think this one overall worked for me as complete hair oil. I did feel some difference to my hair on the first use itself. After a week’s use, there was a noticeable change in my hair texture and hair fall had reduced considerably. In two weeks time, the results were satisfying with the hair fall and dandruff problems almost stopped. In four weeks, there were no grey strands visible anywhere and really felt my hair to be very healthy than before. My hair now has a good black colour, volume and bounciness than before.

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Pros of Fadlor hair oil:-

  • Very effective for controlling hair fall, dandruff and premature greying
  • Nicely penetrates the scalp and nourishes it well for new hair growth
  • Herbs in the oil are truly helpful and make the hair smooth and shiny
  • Packaging is very travel-friendly and has a zip pouch provided for extra protection

Cons of Fadlor hair oil:-

  • Felt the oil to be  a bit sticky and the aroma to be a bit dense, but can’t expect it to be otherwise for a natural and herbal product
  • Initially felt the product to be a bit pricey, but it has proved for itself to  be useful and worth the money
  • The oil can stain the cloth and need to be careful on using it, especially if you are leaving it on for overnight
  • Physical availability is very limited across India and will have to order it online.

Final Verdict:-

Overall this has been a very functional product for me and I have placed the orders for a 200ml bottle of the product and a 30 ml my sister to try. If you have multiple hair problems and are looking for one product that can help you with all such concerns in one go, this definitely is the product for you. I strongly recommend it to all for regular use. A must try for both men and woman.

 Product Rating:-

4.5 /5  (*-*-*-*-*)