Korean products are a class apart when it comes to skincare and beauty. Getting these products is no more a task these days. All thanks to Nykaa for stocking up some amazing K-Beauty brands. Sheet masks are getting so popular these days and I ordered a few for myself. Today I am going to review The Face Shop Real Nature Green Tea Face Mask.

The Face Shop Real Nature Green Tea Face Mask

About The Face Shop

Beauty treasure for millions around the globe, Faceshop is a South-Korea based skincare line that provides fabulous goodies for your beauty rituals. Ranging affordable high-quality products born from botany, this sensational brand believes on creating products that stem from a lovely concept of ‘Science meets Beauty’. In a nutshell, Faceshop is your ultimate dream destination to treat your skin to it’s best beautiful.

What Does It Claim?

THE FACE SHOP is the place to go to find your favorite facial mask. You have a normal, oily and combined, dry or sensitive skin, you have acne or a mature skin? We have a solution for you. You need to moisturize, brighten, purify, mattify or soothe your skin or maybe you are looking for an anti-aging or anti-acne solution? We have the perfect match. Born from the latest innovation in cosmetics and made with the finest ingredients from nature, THE FACE SHOP offers mask sheets, mask cream sheets, mask packs and even character masks for you to discover.

The mask sheet drenched in a clear serum with Green Tea soothes skin irritated by environmental stressors, refreshing and revitalizing it. FThe formula is without added parabens.

What Went Inside This?

How Much and Where to Buy?

The Face Shop Real Nature Green Tea Face Mask costs only 100 INR per sheet which weighs about 20 gm including the serum. You can get it from HERE.

My Take On This Face Mask

I’ve tried sheet masks from Skin18 before and loved them. When I saw The Face Shop face masks on Nykaa, I really wanted to try them all. The 5+5 offer on sheet masks tempted me to bring these beauties home. Sheet masks are actually hydrating and but it doesn’t mean that oily-skinned beauties cannot use it. The Face Shop Real Nature Green Tea Face Mask comes in a pouch in which there is a sheet drenched in serum made from green tea extracts. The fragrance is very nice and soothing which is a must for me because I cannot bear medicinal fragrances on my face. After putting on the mask, I applied the left-over serum on my neck. I left it for a good 25 minutes because it took that much time to dry. It left my face feeling so soft and fresh. Ideally, I shouldn’t be touching my face, but I really couldn’t resist! 😛 The cooling sensation which was felt after putting on the sheet lasted even after taking it off. But, the main challenge was how my skin is going to react the next day. Because every time I apply hydrating masks or serums, I wake up with a bump on my chin or near the nose. To my surprise, nothing happened this time! 🙂 In fact, there was a subtle glow on my face which lasted a day or two. I am glad that I got so many sheet masks to try. I am going to finish off these and get ‘The Solutions’ masks soon.


♥ Hydrating

♥ Smells good

♥ Easy to use

♥ Fuss-free application

♥ Clarifying effects

♥ Makes skin fresher looking and glowy

♥ Very much affordable

♥ Doesn’t break out

♥ Suits all skin types


🙁 Not available easily

🙁 May sting if contacted with eyes

Will I Recommend The Face Shop Real Nature Green Tea Face Mask to You?

Go for it without a doubt! I am sure you all will love the post-masking effects. 🙂

P.S: Please do not wash your face after sheet masking. Also, you can refrigerate the remaining serum and use it the next day for prolonged effects of the face mask. 

♥ Be your own kind of beautiful! ♥ 

♥ Love you ♥