Hello, Friends!

I am so happy to announce that the much-awaited beauty subscription – Euphorbia Box, has finally been launched today! There had been a lot of buzz about this super-affordable box on social media lately. So here I am with a full-fledged review of this newly launched box.

About Euphorbia Box

Euphorbia Box is a small, family-owned start-up company based in Agra, India. This box is designed with the simple idea of helping others to explore the world of beauty & skin care products and discover their favorite products in a convenient, effortless, and affordable way. We always remain confused before purchasing a product for ourselves, Euphorbia Box provides you an opportunity to try out various brands at very reasonable cost. We want to make beauty products which are easily accessible to all regardless of where you live or whatever languages you speak.

Euphorbia Box – October

What Are the Contents of This Box?

Euphorbia box comes in a printed cardboard box with all the goodies packed nicely in a zip-lock cover.

My October Euphorbia Box contains the following goodies

1. Ellwin Matte Lipstick

2. Mond’sub-Collagen Silk Facial Mask

3. BioBloom Lip Balm – Orange

4. Yami Herbals Skin Polishing Scrub

5. A Pair of Earrings

Let’s Do The Maths!

There are so many beauty subscription boxes in the market that promises ‘a lot in a little’. However, it’s wise enough to know the actual price of the goodies inside the boxes so that you can easily judge the value for your hard-earned money. So, here are the actual prices of the products in October Euphorbia Box Vs the price for a month’s subscription.

Ellwin Matte Lipstick  ————————–> 350 INR
BioBloom Lip Balm- Orange ——————> 115 INR
Yami Herbals Skin Polishing Scrub ———–>  80 INR
A pair of earrings ——————————-> 120 INR
Mond’sub-Collagen Silk Facial Mask ———-> 200 INR

TOTAL COST OF GOODIES  ———————————-> 865 INR (What!!!!) 



SUBSCRIPTION OF EUPHORBIA BOX ——————————-> 198 INR (Yayyyyy!!!) 🙂 🙂 🙂

How to Subscribe?

Subscribing to Euphorbia Box is as simple as ABC. Here’s how you can do that,

→ Go to the website → https://euphorbiabox.com/

→ Select a Subscription Plan (1- month or 3 – months)

→ Proceed to pay and wait for your order. 

All you’ve been charged for shipping is 12 INR! So that makes it 210 INR for a month! Isn’t that great? 🙂

Euphorbia Box Launch Offer

As if 210 INR for a month wasn’t enough, Euphorbia Box has announced that the first 10 subscribers will get 6 products. And, Skin Café twisty tube lip butters twisty tube lip butter worth 500 INR will be the 6th product. So this makes the total worth of goodies to be 1365 INR! 😀 (Super-wow!)

P.S. This is an introductory offer and the subscription price may increase in the coming months.

Hurryyyyyy…. Grab It Before It’s Gone!

My Suggestions for Euphorbia Box

For the price it is offered, the box seems to be worth it. However, there are certain things people look for while subscribing to such beauty boxes. Here are my suggestions for improvement of Euphorbia Box,

It would have been better if the subscriber gets to choose the shade of lipstick.

⇒ Choice of jewelry can also be provided to the subscribers. 

⇒ Bubble-wrap individual products or pack the box with air-pockets, as the jewelry may suffer damages during shipping. (Because I was sad to see one of the stones of my earrings worn out! 🙁 )

Other than these pointers, I think this box is going to be a great hit!

OGujariya wishes Team Euphorbia Box all the very best for the coming months! 🙂

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