Hello Gujariyas!

Beauty boxes are like a gift to me from me 😉 My Envy Box is another beauty subscription box which I’ve been following since January. I opted for a three month’s subscription and this is my last box. Read more to find out if I will go for another round of subscription or not?

Lets unbox it together! beauty box

You just can’t understand the urge to scribble on a plain white cardboard box! 😉

Introducing to you, the March Envy Box!

holi envy box

This is so darn gorgeous! My brain just played the most satisfying Holi ever 😛


envy box

Ooooh! My Envy Box tempts you to subscribe to its Jewellery Box! 😉 Will check real soon!

What is in My Envy Box this March?

  1. BBlunt Climate Control Anti-Frizz Leave-In Cream (FULL SIZE 150gm, 450INR)
  2. Hedonista Fleur Frozen Ittar (FULL SIZE 20gm, 1045INR)
  3. AVA Body Moisturizer with SPF 30 (Sample size of 50ml inside. Full Size 200ml, 650INR)
  4. Bioderma SPF 50+ (Sample size of 5ml inside. Full Size 30ml, 1485INR)
  5. Bottega di LungaVita Vita Age In Face Scrub (Sample size of 5ml inside, Full Size 75ml, 790INR)

Goodies! Goodies! One just can’t get enough of them <3

products envy box

This beast has taken the show! Loved it to the core <3

BBlunt leave in cream

Calm your sense with this amazingly scented ittar!

frozen ittar

Drench yourself in the “White Rain” Collection from AVA

moisturizer AVA

Wait until I try it out to tell you how good it is!


Bioderma products are all time hits!


Scrubs are a girl’s best friend!

vita age in scrub

So, I am super impressed with the March Envy Box! The box itself is a winner and this time, with two full sized products, it was totally worth the money. Though its pricey than other beauty boxes, we must also consider the number of full-sized product in it. Until now, I never had any complaint about the packaging, delivery time or brands included. I am definitely going to subscribe again for another 3 months! Kudos to the team of My Envy Box for taking care of the aesthetics of the whole box and making sure only the best brands goes in it!

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