Hello Gujariyas!

It’s been quite a while, I didn’t write anything because my sailorman is back to land and I am back to the kitchen 😛 I’ve been waiting for him since six months and the worst part of waiting for a sailor are the last few days. We never exactly get to know when is he arriving. The excitement and restlessness not only take over the brain but also the body. Yes, I am talking about “Periods”! Getting them on time is a task, I must say. Phewwww! 🙁 With so much anxiety and anticipation when it finally arrives, all the body feels is PAIN! 🙁 A few women are blessed with pain-free periods as they show in those sanitary napkin advertisements, a girl running around the city with all the zeal during periods. The only time I am that active is when I run to dig out cash from the nooks and corners of the house when an online parcel with COD arrives 😀 😛

I am one of those who feels like throwing a whole pot of cacti on anyone who even tries talking to me 😉 It feels like someone is throwing darts from your stomach to your thighs and back continuously. I know the guys can never understand this and blame us for being a “drama queen”. All we can do being a girl is to curl up in the bed with a hot bottle and wait for it to get over. But I have a “magical” recipe that will cure even the worst period pain in few minutes. Let me tell you, my friends who swear by this easy recipe, call it “magical” and not me 😉

How to Make?

  1. Start with roasting a spoonful of carom seeds (ajwain) on low flame
  2. Wait until it fumes and turns dark brown
  3. Add one big spoon of jaggery (gur) and mix it until it turns gooey
  4. Add this mixture to a cup of warm milk and stir well
  5. Drink this when the pain and cramps start

You’ll notice great relief in cramps and bloating of the stomach. This will help in reducing the shooting pain in the lower abdomen, back and thighs.

Try this and tell me how did this recipe work on you.

Happy periods! 🙂