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What could possibly be your worst nightmare? Surrounded by snakes or stepping out with a scary makeup? Any girl reading this would be dreaded by the very thought of her makeup gone wrong! I have a similar story to share which is utterly hilarious 😉

It was my hubby’s best friend’s wedding and he wanted me to look the best among the couples. Afterall, wedding is the time where we get to make people jealous ;P Anyways, we started working out like maniacs to look fit and splurged in beauty and makeup. I was bored of the regular sarees and gaudy suits people wore on such occassions and so I picked a beautiful orange floral-print lehenga with a mirror-work blouse.

I never went to the parlor for makeup except my on my wedding. But this time, I decided to get my makeup and hair-do done from the parlor. So I called up Page3 in my town and booked a MAC makeup + hairdo. I treated my skin with a facial two days before and so my skin was glowing that day.

The moment I stepped in, a lady took me without wasting time. She seemed to be in a hurry to go home after the shift. But apart from me there was a bride, who was waiting for her makeup. The lady quickly started blending the MAC foundation on her skin and then she jumped towards me and did the same. For a second I was blank! But then I realized that she had used the same sponge for both of us, without even washing it! The other lady had severe acne on her face and I felt like throwing up already 🙁 I told her not to overdo as my skin is very sensitive and it tends to breakout fast. She plainly ignored my suggestions and continued to paint my face. When I showed my displeasure, she said that the makeup would set in sometime. Then she took a hue of eye shadows and started painting golds, oranges and glitters! By this time, I had almost surrendered and started believing that the end would be pretty though!

I was almost done and so I called my hubby to pick me up. He was all excited to see the love of his life all dolled up. While waiting for him, there were three other people- two girls and an elderly women, in that room, giving me weird glances. I thought, they were purely jealous, until he stepped in! The over-excited me wanted to know how I was looking. He got nervous and took me to the car and exclaimed, “Yeh kya kiya?!!!” I was almost numb and furious at the same time. He clicked a picture to show me the disaster, I just paid for 😀 It was a blunder! I looked like an Asian Paint’s shade card 😛

On reaching home, I hid my face with a stole and ran upstairs into my room. Hubby gave me the courage to undo and redo it properly. Here is a list of things I did to fix my makeup,

  1. Took a generous amount of almond oil and wiped all the makeup off my face
  2. Cleansed it again with Neutrogena Deep-Clean Foaming Face Wash to remove every spec of it
  3. Rubbed two ice-cubes all over my face and neck and relaxed for a while
  4. Started with applying L’Oreal Paris Base Magique Primer
  5. Brushed Bellapierre Mineral Foundation-Cinnamon, for a semi-matte finish
  6. Put on Chambor Fiery Red Lipstick
  7. Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drams Gel (Black) for the eyes
  8. Highlighted with Colorbar Spotlight
  9. Blushed Maybelline Cheeky Glow-Peachy Sweetie

Thankfully, I fixed everything and was good to go 🙂 Here is a picture of showing what I looked like before and after 😉

Caution: Not for faint-hearts! 😛 😛 😀 😀

My Disaster Makeup Story!
My Disaster Makeup Story!

I warned you already! 😀

Do share your disaster makeup story, if you have one! 🙂