The Crazy Trio of Friendship

Hello Friends!

We meet a lot of people in our life, but being friends with someone is destiny. I have a great bunch of friends which include crazy ones, lazy ones, smarty ones and the sassy ones! The thing that binds us together is endless love for one another and willingness to stand by our sides during tough times. Let me introduce you to the crazy trio – Neha, Neetu and Ragini (Me!)

The Crazy Trio


From the left- Neha,Neetu and Ragini

I met these two beauties at my previous work place. We were Assistant Professors, teaching management to engineering students in Himachal Pradesh. My first impression of Neha was not so impressive as she always had a frown on her face. On the other hand, Neetu was a sweet and silent lady who hardly spoke. We used to sit under the mango tree near the college canteen during winters and share endless cups of teas and momos. My perception about them completely changed after few months. Neha is the purest soul I’ve ever met in my life and Neetu is an absolute sweetheart. I am the person who’d never say ‘sorry’ even if I am wrong, but I always show it in my actions how much I care for them. They trust me blindly when it comes to relationship advises and beauty tips. I remember those busy days when our director gave us deadlines to design newsletters and contact media for marketing. I was the lazy one and the other two had to literally push me to write articles. They used to pamper me a lot by bringing my favorite dishes for lunch. I used to pester them by reminding my birthday every once in a while and demanding for gifts, which I never got! 😉


Give me some Sunshine 🙂

I recently moved to Kochi. But every time I visit Punjab, we always meet and have fun together. I will never forget how we used to make fun of Neetu’s pot belly and how she sportingly accepted her flaws. She is the type of woman who makes weight loss plans every year and ends up hogging even more. We all are full of flaws, but accepting it and laughing about it in front of each other is what real friends do. I really miss Tech Fest, Teacher’s day and Seminars in the college. They called me the “rowdy” of the gang because I always had a tiff with few of my colleagues and the other two always supported me. I truly love my girls and I miss them a lot!

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Neha’s Birthday Memories

ZEE TV has introduced a fun-filled chat show where you’ll get to listen about quirky stories on friendships of our B-Town celebrities. We always wanted to know about their best friends and their bonding with each other. But this is the first time on Indian television, that our beloved celebrities will revive their tales of friendship. I am super-excited to watch this show. This is sure to make everyone nostalgic!

For more details on Yaaron Ki Baraat, refer -> HERE

Love you all ♥



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