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When it comes to skincare, I greatly rely on organic stuff. Parabens and artificial colorants sound scary to me and I refrain from products that carry them. I am here with a quick review of Botaneco Garden Organic Inca Inchi & Aloe Vera Body Wash. Read further to know why I bought this body wash and what’s so special about it?

Botaneco Garden Organic Inca Inchi & Aloe Vera Body Wash

What Does It Claim?

Formulated with ECO-CERTIFIED Inca Inchi oil that helps to maintain skin hydration and elasticity while organic Aloe Vera extract moisturizes and soothes your delicate skin. Enriched with grape seed and bergamot essential oils, this body wash helps to smoothen and soften the skin with an exhilarating aroma to refresh your senses Not tested on animals.

What Went Into Making It?

How Do I Like This Product?

I am not someone who stocks up body washes because the humid conditions in my area force me to use soaps over body wash. I made too many random picks at the Guardian store at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Some I’ve already reviewed a hand lotion which I really love using once in while. This body wash from Botaneco Garden caught my attention due to its green packaging. I was killing time at the airport and so I went ahead and checked if the ingredients are as green as the packaging? 😀 To my delight, every ingredient that went into this cute bottle was absolutely safe certified or organic. I got a travel sized pack because I already put a huge body wash from another brand in the basket and another full-size didn’t seem worth it. The liquid is clear and has a great fragrance of natural oils. A little amount on the loofah is enough to lather. It moisturizes the skin well and the best part is it gets off the skin easily. Because the hard water in my area makes moisturizing body washes stick to the body. My skin felt soft and refreshed after using this.

Overall, Botaneco Garden Organic Inca Inchi & Aloe Vera Body Wash was worth every penny and I am going to travel with it until it’s over. 🙂

Pour in your thoughts about this body wash or tell me if you know a similar body wash available in India? 🙂

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