Hey, you! Yes, you! If you are reading this post, you are probably my close friend, jealous relative, secret admirer, creepy stalker or a blogger buddy who has found a connection with me through my social media posts. No amount of analytics can tell me who exactly has the post reached, because of the amount of time I’ve been MIA from blogging. My reader base has gone for a toss and all I’ve got is a bunch of well-wishers who have my back. That’s exactly the kind of vibe I want right now to start over! I am here with a candid post because I owe you an explanation for why I’ve been away from blogging since so many months.

I always wanted to be a blogger and it took me 6 long years to start my own blog. I invested a lot of time, energy and money into my blog when I started it back in December 2015. There was no one to help me out with the technical part except Google Aunty 🙂 I used to work day in day out to create an identity among the existing beauty and lifestyle blogs. I was so much into writing that I decided to take up content-writing for some extra cash. To be honest, I made a decent income from blogging as well as content-writing. Apart from the products I received from the brands, I bagged a lot of paid assignments. Made a lot of friends and even more foes in this journey. But, what keeps me going is not the ‘bhook’ for freebies or ‘hawas’ for stats, it’s just the never-ending and absolute love for writing blogs!

Every time I talk to an old friend (I am so lonely AF that every friend is now ‘old’ to me! 🙁 ), all they ask me about is why am I not writing anymore? And I conveniently make ‘motherhood’ as a standard excuse. Only a few actually know what exactly is troubling me. I am the sort of person who is deeply affected by everything around me no matter how much I try not to look that way. Everyone has a way to deal with trauma, emotional baggage, wrecked relationships or whatsoever that comes in life. For me, these things have a paralytic effect. It strikes me and then stays with me for a long time. During this period all I try to do is, ‘survive’. Work, health, relationships, everything takes the back seat while an air of melancholy surrounds.

Ever heard of ‘writer’s block’? Every writer had been through this phase at least once in life. 

For example, It’s a great day and I decide to publish those posts from the drafts that I’ve been writing for a year. I am lazing around with my phone scrolling through Instagram to see what other bloggers are up to. I see mind-blowing pictures, awesome makeup tutorials, gorgeous faces, brilliant photography and everything that inspires me to move my butt and get to work. And then I reach for Facebook to see what are my friends are up to and I see people ranting over how this ‘#instablogger’ thing has taken over blogging and people do not want to spend time reading blogs because the internet is a lot cheaper these days and watching a Youtube video looks more convenient to them. This nonsense makes sense to me somehow and those unpublished posts from the drafts remain there for another month or so until I get back to my blogger-self who gives a damn about everything for the love of blogging. 


Relatable. Right? 

So, what I am doing to keep myself from these distractions? 


Yes! Penning down my thoughts has helped me a lot. Even if it’s just a line or two. I pen down my thoughts every day before I go to sleep. No matter how hard the day had been, no matter what happened in my ‘sasural’ 😛 ,I write. And, this idea didn’t dawn on me until an old friend told me to do so. In times like this, when no amount of ‘motivational quotes’ can help you to get started, I reach for people who have inspired me by their actions and not by just words. I trust them blindly and do exactly what they say. 

If you’ve been following my blog, you must have noticed that there is a certain way in which I write. A product review mostly describes the nature and ingredients of the product, how it worked for me and at the end, I recommend them only if it’s good enough. This is what most of the beauty blogs talk about. I am actually bored of these product reviews and desperately want to change this. Earlier, during my blogging days, I used to write fun posts (like this one here) with a bit of humour and creativity. Over the time, as more and more products kept on stacking, along with the pressure from PRs for an immediate, good review, 5-star rating, social media posts, blah and blaaaah, I stopped writing for a while and went to the Himalayas (literally!). All of this did affect my PR base. I did not and still do not get as many projects as my fellow-bloggers because it irks me to write about products I’ve never tried or tried and found them unworthy or tried and found them great but that ‘we need an immediate review’ pissed me off!

Imagine, you worked your ass off building your website and all someone has to offer you for a full-fledged, SEO-optimized, creative post with links is a tube of pimple cream that’s worth 40 rupees. How difficult is it for them to understand that these freebies do not run my blog, money does! Like I always say, my blog is my baby and whatever I do for it is right from the heart. You can see that in my posts too.

All I have to give you is quality content and I promise to do this with utmost honesty. Being said this, I have made some major changes in the product reviews section and soon there will be a full-fledged section dedicated for mothers which will not only have product-reviews but also fun and informative posts. I am sure you will get hooked to OGujariya after the makeover! 😉 


Love You All!