Hello Friends,

I started to blog exactly a year ago, last December! I used to follow lots of interesting blogs on beauty, lifestyle, food and travel. Since then, I wanted to have one for myself. OGujariya, my baby which is turning one this month and I am so proud of it. Just when I was busy with organizing a giveaway to thank everyone who loved my blog, I got an invitation from IndiBlogger to attend a Blogger’s Meet by Berger Paints in Bangalore. I immediately confirmed because of two reasons,

ONE : It’s Bengaluru, the city where I’ve spent almost three (best) years of my life and the place where I met the love of my life πŸ™‚Β 

TWO : This is going to be the first time where I’ll get to meet other bloggers and feel their awesomeness πŸ™‚Β 

Let me take you through a diary of events that happened during the Blogger Meet!

11.45am: I reached The Lalit Ashok in my cab after pestering the cab driver to rush to the venue despite the crazy Bengaluru traffic! I am so glad he was equally concerned for me reaching on time as well.

12.00pm: Met few bloggers who were there for the meet, waiting in the lobby. The Ball Room, where the meet was going to be held, was not ready. How does it matter for ladies who have already started off with introduction and other blogger’s thing. πŸ˜‰

12.30pm: We were so busy talking that we did not notice the other bloggers get in the hall. The IndiBlogger team directed us to a place where refreshments and lunch was ready to be served. We were busy clicking pictures and getting introduced to other awesome bloggers.

1.00pm: We started off with delicious lunch which had popular Indian dishes such as Shahi Paneer, Mattar Pulav, Aloo Gobi, Dal, Rotis and Salads. We had a great time talking over a plateful of delicious dishes and mouth-watering desserts.

1.30pm: We were all settled in the Ball Room and the fun kicked in! The IndiBlogger team made us do jumping jack, Tai Chi and bursting the balloons for the ice-breakers.

2.00pm: Berger Paints Team showed us a demo about their latest launch – Express Cleaning services. It was an informative session that ended with a rigorous Q&A. The questions ranged from how cost-effective the service is going to be to asking for the availability of DIYs in that range.

3.00pm: It was time to get our hands dirty with some fun activities. With Berger Paints as the sponsors, it was quite predictable how the activities are going to be! πŸ˜‰

The ‘Sanding’ Game

We formed teams of 4 or 5 or some even 6 for the activities. The task was to make the surface even with the sand paper. One winner was decided based on how fast and how good the sanding has been done. Sadly, we didn’t! πŸ™

Bengaluru Palettes at Work!

We had to choose from the topics given to us and paint on the boards assigned to each team. We named ourselves ‘Bengaluru Palettes‘ and chose to paint about ‘Colors of India‘. While half of our team members were busy mixing colors for us, we painted all that we could think of a colorful India!

Sadly, this didn’t win too! πŸ™ However, we were proud of how well it came out πŸ™‚

5.30pm: The Ball Room turned into one big mess of colors and we were so energized even after 5 hours of jumping and giggling around, that we lost the track of time. None of us wanted the event to come to an end but all good things do come to an end and so did this awesome IndiBlogger meet!

We were all set for the Mannequin Challenge at the end of the event and my dear friend, Nishita decided to strike this pose! πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰

That’s how my first ever Blogger Meet happened and all thanks to IndiBlogger and Berger Paints πŸ™‚

If you need more information on the various products of Berger Paints, please refer HERE for a Faster Cleaner BetterΒ experience.

Happy Painting!Β