Heya Gujariyas!

Good hair days :), Bad hair days 🙁 and for a few, No hair day 😛 We all have that one girl in the gang who has limp hair that even the shadow shows her bald. In my girl’s gang, I am the one because the others have an enviable mane which makes me feel almost bald 🙁 Shampoo and blow dry are like saviors to my oily and limp hair. I am a sucker for the word “volume” in hair products. Few months ago I did a small haul from Nykaa, which you can read here. I’ve been planning to post a review on BBlunt Full On Volume Shampoo since so long. So read on to find out how it worked on my mane.

BBlunt Full On Volume Shampoo


What Does It Claim?

Lift up your locks and give them a new start! This shampoo gives your hair that much needed volume and bounce so your hair never has to feel low, ever again. Hair that looks big talks big, so girls, amp up the volume and let your hair do all the talking. If your hair has low density and is fine, this is a must have!

3 reasons to have it in your bathroom:

  • Colour protect formula
  • Always start your day with a fresh dose of some VA-VA Volume
  • With Rice protein, your hair will feel alive all over again

When your strands are feeling down, it’s time to turn up the volume! All you have to do is Apply, Lather & Rinse thoroughly, to enjoy big, bouncy hair that feels alive

What Went Inside This Bottle?


What is its Shelf Life?

  • 24 months from the date of packaging

Did It Work For Me?

BBlunt Full On Volume Shampoo claims that it gives considerable volume to thin hair. I use it every now and then because it gives a squeaky clean mane. It is a glossy, creamy white liquid with strong camphor like fragrance. I was hunting for the word “camphor” in the ingredient list, but I guess that’s some other ingredient. Anyways I loved the unique packaging.



Talking about the volume part, it gave a decent volume to my hair. Since I have oily scalp, I have no issues with shampoos that dry out the hair. There is nothing that a good conditioner cannot fix! 🙂 It adds a bit of shine to the hair too. I am happy with the overall results but not too impressed with the volume part. I wish it could do something to make the hair look fuller and healthier on the scalp area.


 After using BBlunt Full On Volume Shampooimg_20160824_142236308

Summing up for you,


♥ Great packaging

♥ Unique fragrance (maybe a turn off for some!)

♥ Cleans the scalp thoroughly

♥ Color protection

♥ Lathers well

♥ Doesn’t cause hair fall

♥ Cooling sensation on applying

♥ Gets rid of the oil from scalp easily

♥ Adds a little bit of shine

♥ Good quantity for that price

♥ Easily available across all major online stores


🙁 Volumizing effect is only to a certain extent

🙁 Does not live upto its claims of big and bouncy hair

🙁 Dries out the hair so much. Conditioning becomes a must after shampoo in this case

How Much and Where to Buy?

  • 550INR for 400ml
  • Best Buy from HERE and HERE

Will I Repurchase?

Probably No! because I am always looking for better hair products that amps up the volume of my fine hair. However BBlunt Full On Volume Shampoo did do a decent job at adding some body to my mane. I am glad that I bought this but repurchasing bores me 😛 I’ve got few more BBlunt products that are mind-blowing! Will review them real soon 🙂

Stay Gorgeous ♥♥♥