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I am guilty of staying away from my blog and you all for the past 15 days as I had to deal with a lot of b******t lately! As a freelance content writer, I’ve worked for many clients and my experience had been great so far. But, early this month, I met a low-life who promised great package and made me work day and night. Finally, when I was about to ask for the week’s payment, you know what happened! 🙁 I was so sad that I couldn’t blog all these days because of a scamster who blew away my peace of mind along with the money! I wonder how could people earn bread and butter for their family by such foul means! 🙁 Anyways, I am back now and I’ve decided to work hard on my blog and stay away from such tricksters. I am blessed to have an amazing family and a great bunch of friends who help me stay on track no matter what. 🙂

Today, on the testing table is Banjara’s Shikakai Powder. Read on to know if it’s worth buying or not?

Banjara’s Shikakai Powder

What Does It Claim and How To Use?

Where To Buy Banjara’s Shikakai Powder Online?

You can either checkout at the Banjara’s counters in the supermarkets or hypermarkets, or buy online HERE

How Much Does It Cost?

Banjara’s Shikakai Powder costs 60 INR for 100 gms. You can get it for 43 INR in the above-mentioned link.

My Take on This Product

The long and lustrous mane of South Indian women is mainly due to their diet and hair care routine. Most of them oil the hair almost every day and wash it with shikakai, the traditional shampoo of South Indian women since ages. Being a Tamilian by heart, I too used shikakai as a kid until I gave into shampoos. I spotted this on the shelves of the hypermarket and had to pick it. I’d like to clarify that shikakai is not something that will give you silky smooth and shiny hair as the regular hair packs do. It is meant to exfoliate the scalp thereby preventing dandruff and dead cells deposits that inhibit hair growth. People with dry and frizzy hair, do not use it without oiling your hair as this may lead to more frizz. I have an oily scalp and so this hair pack suits me. It comes in 5 sachets with 20 gms of shikakai powder in each. You just have to cut the sachet and mix it with water to make a smooth paste. Apply it on the scalp by combing into small sections. Cover the hair with a shower cap since it has coarse particles which keep shredding while application and when dry. After 20 to 30 minutes, wash it off scrubbing it off from the scalp using fingertips. When the hair is still dry, apply few drops of detangling serum to avoid frizziness. I noticed that my hair felt bouncier and fuller than before. However, it made the ends dry but nothing that a good leave-in serum can’t fix! 🙂


♥ Affordable

♥ Ready to use

♥ Exfoliates scalp

♥ Nourishes the scalp

♥ Volumizing effects

♥ Controls hair fall

♥ Prevents dandruff

♥ Easily available

♥ Prevents itchy scalp conditions


🙁 Messy application

🙁 Not available easily

🙁 Doesn’t lather

🙁 Doesn’t remove oil

Will I Recommend / Repurchase This?

I have a mixed feeling about Banjara’s Shikakai Powder as the powder is so coarse and doesn’t remove oil from the hair completely. However, I’d like to try shikakai from other brands and other herbal powders from Banjara’s. Here are the other herbal powders from Banjara’s that you may like.

Do comment about your favorite brand of shikakai or let me know if you liked the Banjara’s Shikakai Powder! Also, check out the new giveaway running currently on Instagram! 13 awesome beauty bloggers have come together to conduct a loop giveaway where you can win amazing prizes like Instax, MAC eyeshadow, MAC lipstick and Clinique blush. Hurry, it’s live until 26th March 2016! Join HERE!

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