Its going to be a yummy post and so I warn you all in advance. Drink oodles of green teas and do 20 push ups and 30 squats. Because, by the end of this post you must have gained few calories just by glancing through the pictures! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜› I am here with a website review on Place of Origin, which is a one-stop shop to treat your taste buds with authentic Indian snacks.

Place of Origin – Their Story


Because of the personal memories we tag to them. And because those memories still delight. Because legendary foods will forever defy every law of demand and supply and leave us craving for more. Because even a single bite can trigger a symphony of all our senses, a complete foodgasm. Because you only get that delicious original taste from the place of origin.

We all love great food. But getting great food requires great effort. Remote places. Cities we don’t frequently travel to. Inadequate baggage allowance. Standing in queues. Strict timings. Chaotic traffic. Impossible parking. Stockouts. Our objective? To get you easier access to these legendary foods.

Being keen travelers, and avid foodies, we have been fortunate to experience the culinary delights of our country. We understand the sheer joy that food can bring to our otherwise busy lives and thus Place of Origin is an attempt to bring to you the best of legendary food from the kitchens of the legends.

What Do They Offer?

Place of Origin is filled with a variety of eatables. Once you open the website, you see many categories like snacks, sweets, staples and winter specials. They have tie-ups with most of the popular shops in your town. The famous Pahalwans Sund Panjiri easily available to the home-sick Jammu-wale away from home. You can find the famous snacks or sweets from all the states of India here. They have a special section for the health-conscious foodies, where you can pick healthy snacks like karela chips, roasted makhana or dry fruit kachodi. Trust me, they taste so yum that you’ll be addicted!

My Experience With Place of Origin

I had a chance to try few stuffs from Place of Origin and I absolutely loved them. Have I look at what I got,

1. Jain Vijay Dry Fruit Kachori from Jamnagar (Gujarat)

I just can’t forget the taste of this kachori! It was so tasty that the whole box was finishes in two days. πŸ˜› Each kachori had rich dry fruit stuffing which has a burst of flavors.

Price: 180 INR for 400 gms

2. Ramanlal Vithaldas & Co. Mewawala Dryfruit Muesli Mix from Mumbai (Maharastra)

This is the best muesli I’ve ever had. Trust me! It has generous chunks of dry fruits and a perfect mix of healthy grains. This is a great snacking option that is healthy as well as crunchy.

Price: 318 INR for 250 gms

3. Amba Kolhapuri Bhadang from Kolhapur (Maharashtra)

Bhadang is a spicy Maharashtrian chiwda made of puffed rice. This has a garlic flavor and few chunks of garlic itself. It is a light snack mix with lots of peanuts which makes it a crunchy snack.

Price: 120 INR for 500 gms

4. Dana Sambar Masala from Bengaluru (Karnataka)

Sambar is something I grew up eating! πŸ˜› Now, hubby dearest is addicted to it. Dana sambar masala has the authentic flavor of South India. The best thing about this masala mix is that, it is made using cold-grinding technology. This prevent the oxidation of spices due to heat and retains the real flavors. It is a must try for all the sambar fans! πŸ™‚

Price: 100 INR for 100 gms

That’s all folks! You may rush to the kitchen to grab a bowl of munchies now. πŸ˜‰

Will I Recommend Shopping from Place of Origin?

Place of Origin is highly recommended if you want to impress your guest, if you want to try out the specialties of various states in India, if you want to save your hard earned money on unhealthy snacks or if you a just a foodie who loves to stock up snacks to satisfy the ever-hungry tummy and not-so-easy-to-please taste buds!

β™₯Β Love you allΒ β™₯