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Hope you all are doing great today! I am here with a review on an international brand, Asianic. This Halal certified brand is quite popular for its amazing range of skin care and hair care products. Today on the testing table is Asianic Rice Milk Hand and Body Lotion. Let’s read on to know if I made the right decision by picking this or was it not worth it?

Asianic Rice Milk Hand and Body Lotion

About The Brand – Asianic

 Asianic is a proud Malaysian Halal Brand committed to create natural, effective, affordable and environmentally sustainable skin products.
 Asianic strongly believe and agree that the best skin solutions still come from nature. Such moments are guaranteed with our great.
 Asianic products which are carefully crafted using the finest herbal ingredients that are the best nature has to offer and free from harmful chemicals.
 Asianic offers luxurious, natural products that are not only effective but affordable beaconing consumer an opportunity to enjoy high quality, natural skin and body care.
Skin care, body care, personal care skin care, body care, personal care adn toiletry products under the “ASIANIC” brand are all produced without the incorporation of commonly used chemicals like Parabens, Formaldehyde, Phthalates, Triclosan and Colourants that may result with detrimental side effects.
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What Does It Claim?

Asianic Rice Milk Hand & Body Lotion is enriched with Vitamin E and AHA, an important property to keep skin moisturizes. This non greasy formula is further enhanced with rice protein and special moisturizing agent which will help soften and smoothen dry skin. Its quick absorption leaves skin naturally healthy and soft.

What Is It Made Of?

How Much and Where to Buy?

Asianic Rice Milk Hand & Body Lotion costs 10.90 RM for 150 ml, which is approximately 160 INR. I got it from the Guardian store at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

My Take on This Product

I happened to visit the Guardian store as we has a 6 hour long layover at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport on our way to Bali. I did a huge haul which you can checkout here! 🙂 I loved how affordable everything was at the store. I went crazy shopping skin care and hair care products. I forgot my hand cream while packing and I badly wanted one at that time. Long flight journeys can be tiring as well as dehydrating. My hands and feet looked pathetic with dry patches and wrinkles. I saw this huge tube of Asianic Rice Milk Hand and Body Lotion and couldn’t resist myself from picking it for such a steal-worthy price. I loved the fragrance and the packaging. The lotion has a thick white consistency which spreads evenly on the skin. It get absorbed in seconds and has a cooling sensation. It replenished the lost moisture in my skin and made my hands look younger and soft instantly. Rice milk is known for its anti-aging benefits and the goodness of virgin coconut oil makes it even more better. The only drawback I found was that, I had to reapply this hand cream often to keep my skin moisturized. I didn’t feel like I have put a moisturizer on my body after few minutes. On the other hand it did not make it dry and stretchy if not reapplied. I just love the cooling sensation it gives on application and may be that’s the reason I feel like reapplying it more often than necessary. 😉 I am so happy with this products and looking forward to trying the other variants in this range too.
Summing up the pros and cons for Asianic Rice Milk Hand and Body Lotion,


♥ Moisturizes the skin well
♥ Prevents dryness
♥ Great fragrance
♥ Goodness of rice milk
♥ Anti-aging skin benefits
♥ Great packaging
♥ Enough quantity
♥ Totally affordable


🙁 Not available in India
🙁 Need to reapply after every few hours
Drop in your comments about your favorite lotion or if you have tried Asianic products. Also checkout my Bali Trail, just in case you are planning for a holiday this summer! 😉

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