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I am here with a post on hair care after a really long time. I decided to switch to natural and organic beauty products this new year. While browsing through most of the organic brands, I found Aroma Essentials product range to be quite impressive. Why opt for chemical-laden shampoos and serums when you have 100 percent natural and organic products doing the same job? This is going to be a review on a part of my haul from Aroma Essentials.

Aroma Essentials Hair Care Combo


Product #1 – Onion Shampoo Bar

Product #2 – Leave-on Serum

1. Onion Shampoo Bar

This is a shampoo which comes in form of a bar. You must have seen this before under big labels. But a shampoo bar that has onion and completely organic, sounds cool!

What is it Made of?

Onion Pulp, Cedarwood, Rosemary, Tulsi, Jeshtimadh, Soap Base-Castile Soap.

My Take on This Shampoo Bar

This is my second shampoo bar after Lush Godiva. Onion has sulfur, which is great for growing long and thick hair. I have fine hair that lacks volume and appears limp the very next day of shampooing it. I wet my hair before and separate them into parts. Just like we use soap on our body, I rub this bar on the partitions. Then I lather it up with my fingers towards the length of the hair. This way, the scalp receives the goodness of the ingredients and stays oil-free for a longer period. It may not be a good idea for people with dry and frizzy mane. However, they can lather it up by rubbing between the palms and then apply on the scalp and hair. Since its an onion shampoo bar, I had my own doubts about how the fragrance would be. But I was glad that it smells so good. The fragrance does linger for quite sometime after the wash, but diminishes as the day goes by. I noticed that it cleansed my scalp really well and gave a slight bounce to my hair. I like products that makes my hair look fuller and so this one is a hit for me! 🙂

How Much Does It Cost?

Aroma Essentials Onion Shampoo Bar costs just 200 INR!

Summing up,


♥ 100% organic

♥ Great aroma

♥ Lathers well

♥ Suited for fine and limp hair

♥ Looks beautiful

♥ Affordable

♥ Long lasting

♥ Imparts shine and bounce to the hair

♥ Clears dandruff and itchy scalp problems

♥ Controls hair fall

♥ Promotes hair growth


♠ People with extremely dry or curly hair should follow it up with a nourishing serum or conditioner

2. Leave-on Serum

The second hair care product which I am going to talk about is a leave-on serum from Aroma Essentials. The regular hair serums are made of silicon and other harmful chemicals with artificial fragrances. But when something like this is available in the market, why opt for chemical-laden serums.

What is it Made of?

 Vitamin, Herbal extracts, Arnica Extracts, Flaxseed

My Take on this Serum

I asked Madhurima for something that would strengthen my hair as I was experiencing hair fall due to hormonal changes. She suggested me to try this leave-on serum from their range. It has the goodness of flax seed oil and other herbal extracts. After washing my hair with the onion shampoo bar, I used this serum on my semi-wet hair. It smells like a blend of herbs but I love it. It made my hair weigh down by adding great shine to it. I could feel my hair follicles deeply nourished. It improves to the flexibility of the hair strands that prevents the major hair problems like split-ends, breakage and dry ends. I generally use it only once a week since my scalp is oily and the serum is bit greasy for my hair. But I love the benefits and so I just don’t want to give up on it due to the heaviness. You can even apply it on the ends if you do not want to apply it all over the hair. Since it is made from natural oils and herbal extracts, I suggest shaking the bottle before using it so that it is mixed thoroughly.

How Much Does it Cost?

Aroma Essentials Leave-on Serum costs just 150 INR for 35 ml!

Let me sum up for you,


♥ Great ingredients

♥ Nourishes the hair

♥ Improves the flexibility of the hair strands

♥ Makes the hair look a lot more healthier

♥ Makes the hair shiny

♥ Weighs down a bit

♥ Improves hair texture

♥ Smells good

♥ Must-have for dry and frizzy-maned beauties

♥ Protects the hair from pollutants

♥ Simple packaging

♥ Effective ingredients

♥ Great value for money


♠ Oily-maned beauties can use it but make sure you work only on your lengths rather than towards the scalp

Overall Verdict On Aroma Essentials Hair Care Combo

This combo of onion shampoo bar and leave-on serum from Aroma Essentials is a big hit for me! I have great faith on their products after using it over a month. I am planning to try out more from their hair care range real soon.

Will I Recommend This to You?

Aroma Essentials is a trending brand in the organic skin care industry. It has recently bagged the “Product of the Year” title by Salisonline. This is what you can see on their social media platforms. Let me tell you what’s behind the scenes. Here is why you must buy Aroma Essentials products,

🙂 Madhurima, the founder and the sweetest soul will personally recommend products that would suit your skin or hair type by analyzing your overall health and medical conditions

🙂 She is super-friendly and never for once you’ll find her pushing her products on you

🙂 She loves her work and that can be seen in the products 

🙂 You can order their products at the ease of a phone call or direct messaging on Facebook (details at the end of this post)

🙂 You’ll love it when your products reach you in time in a well-packed manner

🙂 Last but not the least, you get a wide range of products that address every dermal concerns

Try some organic love from Aroma Essentials now and thank me later! 🙂

How to Order?

You can order directly from their Facebook Page HERE!

or refer to the contact numbers below,

Stay Gorgeous!

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