Hello Gujariyas!

A lady walked up to the cosmetics section in a mall and tried some 20 lipsticks and 21 something shades of nail paints but finally bought nothing! πŸ˜› Well, this ain’t funny at all. The ‘feel’ factor is just what we do not get online. We are not guilty of doing it because a buck saved is another lipstick added to my makeup stash. We all crave for discounts and what better than getting the makeup palette that had been on the wishlist since long, at a deal! πŸ˜€ I do not deny the thrill of offline shopping but I am sure that beauty store app on your phone can never be idle. πŸ˜‰ I am here with a review on a beauty store named APLAVA. Read on to know about my shopping experience and the website review.


Aplava derives its name from sanskrit origins. Aplava (pronounced β€œAAp luv” in original sanskrit) means taking a bath to purify oneself. It’s an ablution process of cleansing oneself.Β Just as the name suggests, Aplava wants to give its customers an experience of divine purity. Beauty is you!

As a startup beauty company, we strive to bring an unparalleled assortment of prestige brands, household names and niche, cult beauty brands, all on one site. Our professional team of Dermatologists and Beauty advisors has cherry picked brands across a broad range of product categories including Skincare, Hair care, Bath & Body, Make Up, Fragrance, Sun & Travel, Intimacy, Shaving, Candles and Aromatherapy, Mom & Baby & Homecare. To make your experience worthwhile and easy, the team has developed a mechanism to advice and recommends products based on your skin type and skin concerns. Use the Personalized Beauty section on your profile page to get customized recommendation for your daily skin routine.

Unlike many other beauty retailers, we work directly with our manufacturers/authorized distributors to bring you over 5,000 products straight from the brands themselves. You can trust that anything you buy is 100% authentic, guaranteed.

The Website



APLAVA offers a personalized beauty profile based on a quick questionnaire when you sign up. Just answer a few questions like your skin type, hair type, etc. and it shows all recommended products for you. This is certainly a unique experience for their subscribers who have no idea which brand would be ideal for their skin type.

aplava beauty profile

What I like About The Website

β™₯ Easy Navigation

β™₯ Attractive layout

β™₯ Brands associated with them

β™₯ Uncomplicated cart and checkouts

What I Did Not Like About The Website

πŸ™ Not so great picture quality

πŸ™ Noticed a plagiarized image for a product, which is totally unacceptable! (I hope the owner has been compensated or proper permission has been sought!)

πŸ™ Not so great discounts

πŸ™ Not so great assortment of products under some categories like “For Home” and “Wellness”

πŸ™ Not so popularly known website for beauty and cosmetics shopping due to inefficient marketing

My Shopping Experience With APLAVA

I ordered a few things from APLAVA and from the day of dispatch till it reached me, I was being informed through messages. It arrived a bit late than it does for others residing in a city because I reside in a town. Hence I totally accept the delay in delivery. Let’s see what I got

The Package arrived! πŸ™‚


Look What’s Inside πŸ™‚


And, NO! The shell isn’t a part of my shopping πŸ˜›

Let me list it down for you!

  1. Garnier BB Cream
  2. Votre Refining Toner
  3. Maybelline Colossal Kohl – Jewelled Jade
  4. The Nature’s Co. Lavender Eye Pillow

In the website they said that they send free samples with every order. But I didn’t receive any! Not that I am craving for “freebies” but when they say it so loud on the website, it has to be fulfilled! This review is absolutely honest and I do not want to misguide my readers. I would totally recommend APLAVA for shopping some real good brands like Dermalogica, Maskeraide, etc. They have got reasonable discounts for certain products. But from a blogger’s view, I have mixed opinions about this website! However, I loved every thing about the stuff I bought from APLAVA πŸ™‚

Happy shopping πŸ™‚

Note: This post has been compensated by the brand. However my review is totally honest as ever!