Hello dears!

Feng Shui (say as “Fung Shway“), is an ancient Chinese art, developed almost 3000 years ago where,

Feng means wind

Shui means water

This runs on the ideology that, Chi or Energy is everywhere. Simply by controlling, concentrating and redirecting energy, one can live a healthy and prosperous life.

Feng Shui, to me, is a way of life. Its simplicity and logic is something that hooked me on to it. When it comes to managing the space I live in, I am very particular about things and their placements. Many think that its a science that only experts are supposed to know about. But here are a few things you can do to Feng Shui your space without actually calling in an expert.

Here are a few tips on enhancing the Chi in the space we live in,

  • The entrance door must always open towards the inside to welcome or draw in Good Chi from outside, while windows must open outwards to let the unwanted Chi escape.
  • Place a water body like fountain, fishtank or a picture representing flowing water, in the living area to boost the flow of energy in the living spaces.
  • Place a Bagua mirror facing the entrance door to reflect back negativity and keep in good vibes
  • Mop the house with water mixed with salt atleast twice a week or you can simply spray salt solution in all corners of the house and do not forget to wash your hands after doing this. Salt absorbs negativity from our spaces.
  • Never sleep/sit/work under a beam.
  • Clear all the worn out electronics from your house. It attracts bad Chi causing frequent health issues and bad luck.
  • Always place your bed diagonally aligned to the door.
  • Remove all mirrors, electronics and water bodies from the bedroom for a peaceful sleep. Hence, TV inside the bedroom, is a bad idea!
  • It is better to choose a wooden framed bed rather than metal beds as energy fields interfere sleep patterns. If you have only metal bed, then tying a red ribbon on it helps in absorbing the energy fields to a certain extent.
  • Clear all the clutter below the bed for the Chi to flow properly.
  • Never leave the cooking area dirty at the end of the day. Make sure you clean it well before you go to sleep, because it is the indicator of our health and leaving it dirty means inviting diseases.
  • Hanging wind chimes made of bamboo and metal near the doors, brings in good luck and harmony in the house.
  • Too much usage of reds and pinks can affect relationships and promotes aggression.
  • Any leakage in the house must be immediately rectified. Leaking taps denotes draining wealth.
  • Use aroma oil diffusers with essential oils of your choice to enhance the entire aura of your space. It also calms the nerves and helps in getting a good sleep.
  • Plants inside the bedroom is a big “No”!
  • Beware of poison arrows in your space. An L-shaped Sofa in your space may symbolize a poison-arrow, if not placed properly.
  • Leave no dark corners. Make sure there is light in all corners of the house.

The above listed are only a few simple yet important things to be kept in mind. Feng Shui is so powerful and it can really bring a difference in our life. These little things, if taken care, can enhance opportunities, bring in luck and improve our overall well-being. All we need to do is “Consciously Apply” Feng Shui in our lives!

It isn’t rocket science, is it? 😉

Stay Calm and Follow Feng Shui !